1995-07-28 - Re: NSA and the NCSA/Apache web servers

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From: Greg_Rose@sibelius.sydney.sterling.com (Greg ROSE)
To: “Amir Y. Rosenblatt” <axon@neuron.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1995-07-28 03:20:15 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 20:20:15 PDT

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From: Greg_Rose@sibelius.sydney.sterling.com (Greg ROSE)
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 20:20:15 PDT
To: "Amir Y. Rosenblatt" <axon@neuron.net>
Subject: Re: NSA and the NCSA/Apache web servers
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"Amir Y. Rosenblatt" <axon@neuron.net> wrote:
  Wow -- hooks to encryption are unexportable -- now THAT's bullshit.  Sheesh.

A few yuears ago I asked Matt Blaze if he would
publish CFS with the sryptography removed, and he
told me that AT&T's lawyers also believed this to
be true. (So, of course, his answer was "No".)
The hooks are as important as the crypto code.

Interestingly though, Kerberos made it to
Australia (Bond University I think) legally.

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