1995-08-01 - [NOISE] was Re: a hole in PGP

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From: frenchie@magus.dgsys.com (SysAdmin)
To: fc@all.net (Dr. Frederick B. Cohen)
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UTC Datetime: 1995-08-01 02:42:54 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 19:42:54 PDT

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From: frenchie@magus.dgsys.com (SysAdmin)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 19:42:54 PDT
To: fc@all.net (Dr. Frederick B. Cohen)
Subject: [NOISE] was Re: a hole in PGP
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My response to Dr. Frederick B. Cohen:

I rarely write ANYTHING to the list unless I think it's absolutly
necessary and has a semblence of Crypto (keeps the SNR down).
I'm looking forward to doing something similar to the crack RC4
thing again.
Anyway, after reading the crap below I have been forced to comment.
For an individual that parades the title of Doctor (and the indication 
of intelligence that title should imply) you seem to lack the grasp of what
has been stated over and over again. If you can't study the source code,
find somone that you trust that can! Prove it *doesn't* work before you
knock it.  
Lastly, this interpretation of a threat from being added to a killfile
was the last straw.
Tell the FBI I sent the following Dr.Cohen :   PLONK!
I never play nice.

ObCypherpunk: Anybody heard from Detweiller?


> > You're testing my patience. Feeling flush from my New Orleans road trip, I
> > went out and bought the commercial version of Eudora, filter-feature and
> > all, which means I'm just itching to test it. In other words, it means you
> > are flirting with the kill-file, the bozo-filter, more rudely, a
> > <plonk!ing>.
> Ah!!! A threat.  You should be aware that threatening homocide is a form
> of assault.  I will be certain to tell the FBI your exact words...  "the
> kill-file, the bozo-filter, more rudely, a <plonk!ing>." sounds to me
> (and may well sound to them) like a threat to commit murder. 
> > Play nice, Doc, or don't play at all.
> I am being nice, but you are not.  Perhaps you should consider
> addressing the issues.
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