1995-08-05 - CFP - Electronic Commerce Conference

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 95 19:15:18 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: CFP - Electronic Commerce Conference
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>From: Ravi Kalakota <kalakota@uts.cc.utexas.edu>
>Subject: CFP - Electronic Commerce Conference
>To: www-buyinfo@allegra.att.com
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 1995 12:44:28 -0600 (CDT)
>Cc: kalakota@uts.cc.utexas.edu
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>Call for Participation:
>    The First International Conference on Electronic Commerce
>    -->  Conference Theme: Frontiers of Electronic Commerce  <--
>We are pleased to announce The First International Conference on
>Electronic Commerce, which will be held on Monday, October 30
>and Tuesday, October 31, 1995, at The University of Texas at
>Austin's IC2 Institute in Austin, Texas. This conference is designed
>to address research issues facing academia and industry in the age of
>electronic commerce. The conference will bring together experts in
>both academia and business to identify and develop a set of critical
>issues for research in this area. The dual goals of the conference
>include shared learning on electronic commerce practices and
>defining a research agenda which will directly address issues
>concerning companies today and position them for the challenges of
>If you have any questions or need more information, contact: Ravi
>Kalakota (kalakota@uts.cc.utexas.edu)
>or see --> http://cism.bus.utexas.edu/ravi/ecomm.html
>We hope you are able to attend this conference.  Registration
>information, speakers list and materials are enclosed.
>Conference Summary
>As the fastest growing facet of the Internet and other component
>technologies, electronic commerce offers functionality and new
>ways of doing business that no company can afford to ignore. The
>basis for moving to an electronic commerce is a belief that electronic
>markets have the potential to be more efficient in developing new
>information-based goods and services, finding global customers and
>trading partners to conduct business. Electronic commerce via the
>Internet or the next generation network infrastructure -- Information
>Superhighway -- will change business institutions, operations and
>products/services as we know today, just as the telephone, TV, fax,
>e-mail and EDI changed the way businesses and consumers
>This conference is aimed at pushing and provoking electronic
>commerce research and practice to "go where no firm has ever
>ventured before." We expect electronic commerce to obsolete much
>of the accumulated research in business. Instead of merely
>transforming the way commerce is done today from a non-electronic
>world to an electronic platform, the new way of commerce will
>create and demand radical changes in the process, product and
>promotion to better exploit the digital platform.
>It is no longer sufficient for electronic commerce to be viewed as a
>path- breaking technology. Electronic commerce is already playing
>an significant role in determining the strategy of today's companies
>in providing value to external and internal customers. The challenge
>facing companies is to increase the effectiveness of electronic
>commerce activities in order to achieve superior business
>performance. As successful organizations have taken a process-
>oriented view of their businesses, they will have to re- evaluate the
>role of the electronic commerce in terms of alignment with corporate
>Expanded roles for electronic commerce within the business include
>activities which support other internal business processes. Questions
>such as how this activity should be carried out, how electronic
>commerce should be integrated with other organizational units, and
>how electronic commerce technology can facilitate the goals of the
>organization turn out to be complex decisions for executives making
>these investments.
>Likewise, electronic commerce can become a key liaison to
>customers. These electronic commerce based organizations are
>increasingly taking on activities which expand the service offerings
>of the company. An new breed of expertise -- electronic commerce
>specialists -- is bound to emerge that focuses on creating increased
>satisfaction and stronger relationships with customers.
>However, this emerging electronic marketplace is an unknown and
>much like the "Wild West" of the past needs to be tamed. The
>challenge is simple: using emerging technology how do we create a
>business environment or infrastructure that will ensure efficient
>electronic markets? What does it take in terms of new organization
>structures like the network structures facilitated by smart and
>wireless messaging; new electronic institutions such as brokerages
>staffed by electronic brokers or agents; new business processes
>better suited for mass customization, global sourcing and logistics;
>new financial payment mechanisms and mercantile protocols?
>To achieve exploration and exploitation of new frontiers, we need to
>integrate business concerns with the changing technology. This
>conference aims at providing this integration by bringing together
>leading business researchers who specialize in the various facets of
>electronic markets, namely economics, finance, marketing
>production and operations management, and technology experts in
>the industry who are creating the electronic commerce infrastructure.
>In addition, we are inviting experts who specialize in the WWW
>browsers, electronic cash, encryption, software agents, MIME-
>based messaging, EDI and structured documents.
>In sum, investments in electronic commerce, whether in time or
>money, typically introduce far-reaching organizational and
>technological issues. The outcome of this conference will be a better
>understanding of the shape, structure, and operation of business in
>the coming millennium.
>We hope you are able to attend this conference. Registration
>information and materials are enclosed.
>The First International Conference on Electronic Commerce
> Conference Sponsors
>-- National Science Foundation (NSF)
>-- RGK Foundation
>-- IC2 Institute
>-- William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Adminstration,
>The University of Rochester
>-- Center for Information Systems Management and
>College and Graduate School of Business
>The University of Texas at Austin
> Who should attend
>* Academics in information systems, marketing, finance,
>organizational behavior, and service management concerned with the
>emerging research topics in the electronic commerce domain.
>* Software developers and managers in the electronic commerce area
>* Executives concerned with developments in banking and finance
>* Executives concerned with providing excellent customer service
>* Executives who make investments in next generation technology
>* Executives who develop internal operations support
>To register for the conference, complete and mail the enclosed
>registration form along with a check (payable to the RGK
>Foundation) for the registration fee before October 13, 1995 to the
>RGK Foundation, 1301 W. 25th Street, Suite 300, Austin Texas
>The registration fee is $300 for all attendees. This registration fee
>covers the banquet on Monday evening, breakfast and lunch on
>Monday and Tuesday, coffee breaks, conference materials, and
>scheduled ground transportation to and from the hotel and
>conference site.
>Payment must be made by check or money order payable to the
>RGK Foundation.
>Please complete and mail this registration form along with
>registration fee before Friday, October 13, 1995 to:
>Electronic Commerce Conference
>RGK Foundation
>1301 W.25th Street Suite 300
>Austin, TX 78705
>Phone: 512-474-9298
>Fax: 512-474-6389
>We have reserved a block of rooms at the Red Lion Hotel, 0121 N.
>I-35. You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations
>and guaranteeing your room for late arrival if necessary. Please call
>the RED LION at 512-371-5200 and mention the Electronic
>Commerce Conference.
>List of Speakers
>Dr. Nathaniel Borenstein (First Virtual) -- Electronic Commerce
>Win Treese (Open Market) -- Challenges facing Online Commerce
>Dr. Clifford Neumann (ISI/USC) -- NetCash and NetCheque --
>Electronic Payments
>Dr. Arthur Keller (Stanford University and CommerceNet)
>              -- Smart Catalogs and Virtual Catalogs
>Dr. Donna Hoffman (Vanderbilt University) -- Hyper-Marketing
>Ravi Kalakota (University of Rochester) -- Intermediation and
>Electronic Brokerages
>Dr. Jean-Philippe Favreau -- ECAT -- The Government of the
>Future -- National Institute of Standards and Technology
>Dave Croker -- Internet EDI -- Brandenburg Consulting
>Dr. Preston McaFee (MIT) -- FCC Spread Spectrum Auctions using
>Game Theory
>Dr. Andrew Whinston and Dale Stahl (University of Texas at
>Austin) -- Pricing Internet Services
>Smoot Carl Mitchell and John Quarterman (Matrix Organization) --
>Internet Service Providers -- Changing Dynamics
>Larry Masinter (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center) -- URI, URN
>and URLs -- Implications for the Digital Libraries
>Dan Connolly (W3 Organization) -- The evolution of HTML --
>Implications for the Future of the World Wide Web
>Dr. Su Shing Chen (National Science Foundation) -- NSF and
>Electronic Commerce
>Dr. Jan Stallert (University of Texas at Austin) -- Supply-chain
>Management and Electronic commerce
>Registration Form
>Name (Please type)
>                    (Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms., Mrs.)   First      Last
>           City           State      Zip Code       Country
>Telephone: (_____)__________________ Work
>Fax:       (_____)_______________    Email:
>Which days do you plan to attend?
>        Sunday, Oct.29  ______ (Reception)
>        Monday, Oct.30  ______ (Lunch)
>        Monday, Oct.30  ______ (Banquet)
>        Tuesday, Oct.31  ______ (Lunch)
>Registration Fee:  Before October 13, 1995 ______ $300
>                          :  After October 13, 1995    ______ $350
>(Payment must be made by check or money order payable to the
>RGK Foundation.)
>Please complete and mail this registration form along with
>registration fee before Friday, October 13, 1993 to:
>Electronic Commerce Conference
>RGK Foundation
>1301 W.25th Street Suite 300
>Austin, TX 78705
>Phone: 512-474-9298
>Fax:   512-474-6389

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