1995-09-24 - Re: Netscape for Linux?

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From: “Ed Carp [khijol SysAdmin]” <khijol!erc>
To: paquin@netscape.com (Tom Paquin)
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UTC Datetime: 1995-09-24 20:28:33 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 24 Sep 95 13:28:33 PDT

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From: "Ed Carp [khijol SysAdmin]" <khijol!erc>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 95 13:28:33 PDT
To: paquin@netscape.com (Tom Paquin)
Subject: Re: Netscape for Linux?
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> > And the sad part is that now that they have announced that they are
> > dropping their unofficial Linux support, 
> I have no current plans to alter our treatment of Linux.  It is not now,
> nor has it ever been, a supported platform.  We do build for it,
> and some people are happy about that.

Does this mean that a Linux version of Netscape will no longer be 
available, or that it *will* be available but unsupported?

> I have not constructed a business case which would cause Netscape
> to begin support for Linux versions of the Navigator.  Right now, I'm 
> not sure that making a point of this would do what you want.

That all depends on what you mean by "support".  If you mean "we will no 
longer make Netscape available for the Linux platform", that's not 
support.  If you mean "we will no longer respond to bug reports for 
Netscape on this platform" then that's discontinuing support.

Please be more specific in your postings?

As a project manager and developer, I have constructed many a business 
case for the development and/or support for products - such a case could 
easily be made for Linux support for Netscape, irrespective of what you 
mean by "support".
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