1995-12-15 - DCSB: Future Scenarios for e$

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 02:05:01 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: DCSB: Future Scenarios for e$
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                 The Digital Commerce Society of Boston
            (Formerly The Boston Society for Digital Commerce)


                      Art Hutchinson and John Kelly
                Northeast Consulting Resources Inc., (NCRI)

                      "Future Scenarios for e$"

                        Tuesday, January 2, 1995
                               12 - 2 PM
                   The Downtown Harvard Club of Boston
                     One Federal Street, Boston, MA

Mr. Hutchinson is a Senior Consultant at Northeast Consulting Resources,
Inc. (NCRI).  His primary area of focus is NCRI's Information Commerce
practice. He has advised clients on the application of different approaches
to, and technologies for managing (and getting paid for) digital
intellectual property on the Internet, the World Wide Web, and
private/hybrid networks.

Mr. Hutchinson is an active member of the Electronic Rights Management Group
of the Information Industry Association, and a founding member of the
Digital Commerce Society of Boston.  He speaks regularly at conferences on
the topic of rights management in cyberspace  He is a principal contributor
to NCRI's Future Mapping(r) conferences, including "The Future of
Information Commerce" and "The Great Infrastructure Debate"(r).  Prior to
joining NCRI, Mr. Hutchinson was Director of Consulting Services at BIS
Strategic Decisions. Prior to BIS, Mr. Hutchinson managed the Distribution
Channels Information Service at International Data Corp. (IDC).

Mr. Kelly, a Senior Consultant at Northeast Consulting Resources, Inc.
(NCRI), has specialized in designing group planning and decision making
activities that help teams clarify their strategic options.  He also
analyzes new applications in multimedia training and groupware.  He is one
of the leaders of the Mapping the Future of Information Commerce seminars.

Mr. Kelly has led seminars on strategic planning and Future Mapping for a
large international oil company, a Fortune 100 diversified manufacturing
company, a leading computer hardware and systems company, and numerous
software and telecommunications companies.  He has contributed to the
development of databases of critical events that help companies chart their
future business opportunities in the areas of computing, communications, and
interactive multimedia. Before joining NCRI, Mr. Kelly served as an
Associate Editor and consultant for the Seybold Office Computing Group. Mr.
Kelly also worked for the Information Systems Group at Lotus Development
Corporation and was the Director of Interactive Technology Projects at the
WGBH Educational Foundation. Prior to that, Mr. Kelly was Manager of the
Seminar Division at Information Mapping, Inc. and later served as a
consultant to IMI.

Art says:

>Art Hutchinson and John Kelly of Northeast Consulting Resources, Inc. (NCRI)
>will facilitate an interactive exercise that helps to paint a picture of the
>group's collective thinking about future events and milestones
>in the development of electronic commerce.  Specifically, we will be culling
>through the last year of posts to www-buyinfo, e-payment, and various other
>mailing lists, as well as our own database of 17,000 "events" used in
>previous scenario planning conferences.  From this, we will be create a set
>of about 40 potential future events which - depending upon whether they
>happen or not - will drive the digital commerce arena in varying directions.
>Everyone at the lunch will be given an opportunity to 'vote' on and discuss
>with their peers the likelihood (or un-likelihood) of these events happening
>within a particular time frame.  After the 'voting', we will lead a
>discussion of what the results might mean, and how some things that this
>group believes correspond to what other corporate and industry groups have
>said in the recent past in voting on some of the same events.  Suggestions
>for controversial, interesting, watershed events that might happen in the
>digital commerce arena over the next 3-5 years are welcome.  Please e-mail
>them directly to Art Hutchinson at <hutchinson@ncri.com>

This meeting of the Boston Society for Digital Commerce will be held on
Tuesday, January 2, 1995 from 12pm - 2pm at the Downtown Branch of the
Harvard Club of Boston, One Federal Street. The price for lunch is $27.50.
This price includes lunch, room rental, and the speaker's lunch. ;-).  The
Harvard Club *does* have a jacket and tie dress code.

We need to receive a company check, or money order, (or if we *really* know
you, a personal check) payable to "The Harvard Club of Boston", by Saturday,
December 30 (that's two weeks from this Saturday), or you won't be on the list
for lunch. Checks payable to anyone else but The Harvard Club of Boston will
have to be sent back.

Checks should be sent to Robert Hettinga, c/o The Shipwright Development
Corporation, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02131. Again, they
must be made payable to "The Harvard Club of Boston".

If anyone has questions, or has a problem with these arrangements (We've had
to work with a few glacial A/P departments ourselves, for instance), please
let us know via e-mail, and we'll see if we can work something out.

Planned speakers for the following few months are:

 February    Fred Hapgood     Freelance Author
 March       Glenda Barnes    X.9 Electronic Commerce Security Group
 April       Donald Eastlake  CyberCash
 May         Perry Metzger    Security Consultant and Cypherpunk
 June        Dan Shutzer      FSTC

We are actively searching for future speakers.  If you are in Boston on the
first Tuesday of the month, and you would like to make a presentation to the
Society, please send e-mail to the DCSB Program Commmittee, care of Robert
Hettinga, rah@shipwright.com .

For more information about the Boston Society for Digital Commerce, send
"info dcsb" in the body of a message to majordomo@ai.mit.edu .  If you want
to subscribe to the DCSB e-mail list, send "subscribe dcsb" in the body of a
message to majordomo@ai.mit.edu .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bob Hettinga
The Digital Commerce Society of Boston

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