1996-01-30 - Re: FV’s Borenstein discovers keystroke capture programs! (

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From: “Peter Trei” <ptrei@acm.org>
To: <cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1996-01-30 19:23:50 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 03:23:50 +0800

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From: "Peter Trei" <ptrei@acm.org>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 03:23:50 +0800
To: <cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: FV's Borenstein discovers keystroke capture programs! (
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 In <kl3Wc7OMc50eRIr810@nsb.fv.com> "Nathaniel Borenstein" wrote:

> We have a few pages of C code that scan everything you type on a
> keyboard, and selects only the credit card numbers.  How easy is that to
> do with credit card numbers spoken over a telephone?

In: <sl3SprmMc50eAWY4U=@nsb.fv.com> "Nathaniel Borenstein" wrote:

>I used to trust the telephone not to be tapped in a selective way based on
>keyword recognition, but in recent years, with the improvement in voice
>recognition technology, I have stopped trusting it that way, and I know
>plenty of other people have too -- if you say "NSA" into a cellular call,
>you are probably inviting an eavesdropper.
Can you make up your mind, please? Do you regard automated 
voice recognition as a threat to your privacy, or not? Is there
some reason you think it's lot easier to recognize a spoken "NSA"
than "Three One Four One Five Nine Two Six Five Four"?

Consistancy is a wonderful thing - you should try it sometime.

		speaking strictly for myself

			Peter Trei

PS: I've kept a log of this whole silly thread. It will not be forgotten.