1996-01-30 - Re: Java Sniffer (Was: Re: FV Announces That The Sky Is Falling)

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From: Jon Lasser <jlasser@rwd.goucher.edu>
To: Mike McNally <m5@dev.tivoli.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-01-30 17:48:05 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 01:48:05 +0800

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From: Jon Lasser <jlasser@rwd.goucher.edu>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 01:48:05 +0800
To: Mike McNally <m5@dev.tivoli.com>
Subject: Re: Java Sniffer (Was: Re: FV Announces That The Sky Is Falling)
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On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Mike McNally wrote:

> Rich Graves writes:
>  > Hmm. Actually, what do Java dialog prompts look like? Is there any
>  > indication that they come from Java, or can they be made to look like any
>  > dialog from any program, or the OS itself? I suppose this is
>  > implementation-dependent. 
> Yes, it's completely dependent on the AWT implementation.  (Or, of
> course, on the implementation of whatever graphical library provided
> by the particular Java runtime environment in question.)
> The "standard" AWT that's used in the Netscape (and maybe HotJava)
> web browsers decorates all windows applets create such that it's
> obvious they're there.  It is designed to be impossible for the applet
> itself to corrupt the AWT such that the windows don't bear that
> decoration.  (Whether the design works as advertised is a question
> worth asking, of course.)

But the fact that Java windows are obvious doesn't seem to really speak 
to the question of can they be faked from *outside* Java.

In fact, very distinctive windows for Java are likely to increase the 
success of an attack which duplicates the window decorations perfectly, 
because people will be used to it.

Eternal vigilance, etc.
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