1996-02-22 - Re: Internet Privacy Guaranteed ad (POTP Jr.)

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From: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
To: ipgsales@cyberstation.net (IPG Sales)
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UTC Datetime: 1996-02-22 08:11:42 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 00:11:42 PST

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From: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 00:11:42 PST
To: ipgsales@cyberstation.net (IPG Sales)
Subject: Re: Internet Privacy Guaranteed ad (POTP Jr.)
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In list.cypherpunks, ipgsales@cyberstation.net writes:

> Who said that we are expanding OTP's -

I believe you did, when you stated that your "OTP" (and I am only using
"OTP" in this case to point up your misusage of the term, and not to
claim that what you are doing is any such thing) is used to seed your
"RNG" (another misnomer).

> we are using them to drive RNG's
> please read my mail back and forth with Derek and Roy Silvernail,

Do remember that the majority of my mail has not been copied to the

> I belive that both of then recognize that an extremely large key, 2
> to some large number, let us say for the time being 2 to 12288 bits
> can be derived from a OTP when generated-

Not a chance, slick.  A One-Time Pad is well defined within the art, and
your PRNG system is no such thing.  I will thank you to not postulate
what I may or may not recognize.
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