1996-03-19 - Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System

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From: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
To: ipgsales@cyberstation.net (IPG Sales)
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UTC Datetime: 1996-03-19 14:26:00 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 22:26:00 +0800

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From: roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org (Roy M. Silvernail)
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 22:26:00 +0800
To: ipgsales@cyberstation.net (IPG Sales)
Subject: Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System
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In list.cypherpunks, ipgsales@cyberstation.net writes:

> Ladies and Gentlemen -
> For the last three plus weeks, some of the members of the C'Punks list 
> have had the IPG algorithms in their possesion. 
> None, to date have suggested that the system is unbreakable - to the 
> contrary a few have stated that they believe it is unbreakable, but do 
> not want to go on the record yet. 
> I invite those that have copies of the system to acknowledge that fact 
> and to state their opinions, if any.

Since a copy of the IPG system has apparently arrived unsolicited in my
mailbox this morning ("apparently" because I haven't unpacked or
inspected the MIME message; "unsolicited" because I did not request it),
I believe it's disclaimer time.

I have entered into no agreements to inspect, test or validate the IPG
software suite.  In the absence of a valid contract for my services, I
shall not inspect, test or offer opinions regarding the security of this
product.  IPG Sales is specificly enjoined from using my nym in any
reference to validation of their product.  Further, IPG is cautioned
against using "cypherpunks" as a validation reference, as my
subscription to this mailing list could then be construed as
contributing to the claim of validation.  This action is intended to
guard against claims of the form "roy@sendai.cybrspc.mn.org has been
unable to break our system", among others.

Note to IPG: I review all contract offers.  Feel free to contact me for
terms, but be advised that I'm somewhat expensive.

Note to c'punks:  apologies for burning listwidth, but this looks like
the proper Publication of Record for this notice.
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