1996-03-19 - The return of the IPG Unbreakable System

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From: IPG Sales <ipgsales@cyberstation.net>
To: Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-03-19 17:57:45 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 01:57:45 +0800

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From: IPG Sales <ipgsales@cyberstation.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 01:57:45 +0800
To: Derek Atkins <warlord@MIT.EDU>
Subject: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System
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Ladies and Gentlemen -

For the last three plus weeks, some of the members of the C'Punks list 
have had the IPG algorithms in their possesion. 

None, to date have suggested that the system is unbreakable - to the 
contrary a few have stated that they believe it is unbreakable, but do 
not want to go on the record yet. 

I invite those that have copies of the system to acknowledge that fact 
and to state their opinions, if any. Some of these people have been 
helpful, and we have adopted some of their suggestions. For example, we 
are now call the encryption method, the ABC encryption method, because 
in the opinion of one person, it is so simple, straightforward and 
appropos as you will see. 

However, we want to expedite things. Accordingly, as of this 
date, we are now prepared to release the complete set of algorithms to any 
member of the C'punks mailing list who can establish that they are:

  1. A citizen of the United States
  2. Or a Citizen of Canada.

We are willing to prove incontrovertibly, to your satisfaction, that the IPG 
ABC Encryption system is at once as secure, in the real sense, as a true OTP,
or a pure 3064 bit prime number pair RSA system, and absolutely the fastest 
system possible, excepting possibly very short messages because of setup 

That is a lot of Chutzpah, but we are prepared to back it up, as you will 
see. We are prepared now, to send you a set of materials that can 
postively establish both of those assertions for yourself, beyond any doubt 
whatsoever. No ifs, no ands, no buts, no maybes, no anything. Period.

Our agenda is very simple.

   1. To prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that the system is absolutely 
      unbreakable, and the fastest unbreakable system possible.
   2. After that is agreed to, to prove beyond any doubt that the 
      system is extremely simple and by far the easiest to use and operate.

   3. That combined with RSA, or without RSA for that matter, the key 
      distribution system is as secure and simple as any method 
      available, including the public-private key method. No human ever 
      gets involved, it is all fully automatic and uncorruptable.

   4. That the key generation will be made to conform to your 
      requirements - either by licensing the process to you, or by 
      having an oversight group such as one of the Big Six, to 
      provide continuous monitoring of the process to insure that no 
      copies are kept and no one has access to the process. We can 
      resolve any question you have in this regard. 

   5. That an interchange system will be implemented that provides 
      the same degree of absolute guarantee of privacy, yet the two  
      parties do not even have each others key. Yes it can be done, 
      guaranteed. A few of you already know how, because they have the 
      written copies of our materials.

Temporarily however, we will only address point one. We will address the 
other four points after point one has been settled

It will not take most of you weeks, or even days to establish that the
IPG system is absolutely unbreakable, and that no system can possibly
be faster. Most of you will be able to do it in a day, or even in a few 
hours, it is that simple. I suspect the reason that the few who have the 
materials are not ready to committ themselves is because they cannot 
believe their eyes and mind - it cannot be possible - something must 
be wrong. It is not though. What they see and what their minds are telling 
them is true. It is absolutely unbreakable and no digital system could 
possibly be faster. In all fairness though, we have only provided them 
with the materials necessary for them to conduct there own tests within 
the last 48 hours, so testing may still be under way. 

It is much faster than RD5, IDEA, DES or anything else available 
in the software version  and with hardware implementation it can
be made orders of magnitude faster, 1000s of times faster than 
those mentioned, or any Feistel type system or or any other system,
of which we are aware. It is ideally suited to hardware implementation,
with multilevels of parallelism,  simple and practicable.  

We will send you a complete set of materials necessary for you to 
evaluate and test the system this date subject to the following. 

 1. You provide us with a telephone number that we can call you tonight 
    to verify that you have an American or Canadian citizen, with a phone 
    in one of those two countries. 
2. That you provide us with an American or Canadian snail-mail
   address - we will send six of you, selected at random, registered 
   copies of the materials provided to you, with some more detail, 
   mainly relating to hardware implementation, though that is discussed
   in the Internet version.  

3. That you agree to abide by ITAR, as well as by applicable copyrights 
   and patents. That with respect to ITAR, that you will not provide a 
   copy of the materials to anyone but you may tell them that IPG is 
   making the materials available.   

Be forewarned again, we will not respond to any attacks made based upon any 
opinions, suppositions, hypotheses, guesses, thoughts, or anything else 
other than the facts. Nor will we respond to any of the same sort 
of things related to Key Distribution or the like other than to 
reiterate that we will license the manufacture of keys for the system. 

If you are an engineer, you will be amazed by how simple hardware 
implementation is, serial, simple one dimensional parallelism, and two 
level parrallelism, unbelievably so. We intend to license the manufacture 
of chips.

So there my C'punk list friends. You threw down the gaunlet and challenged 
us. We accepted your challenge. Now, we are throwing down the gauntlet. 
To reiterate, we assert:

     1. That IPG's ABC Encryption system it is absolutely proveably 
        unbreakable, even to the point of quickly being self evidently 
        so to most of you with any signficant mathematical background.
     2. That is the fastest possible method of producing an unbreakable 
        PRNG stream to be XORed with plain text - 

     3. That it is unbelieveably simple to implement and use, as simple 
        as one of your associates said, as ABC.

Some of you have spoken your piece without one iota of facts. We want 
all of you on the list to see the facts for yourself, It will make 
believers of you. Especially, we want those that jumped into the 
swimming pool, the fray, without anything other than dogma or opinions
to see what the real facts are and how wrong they were.

I close with three quotes:

 1. The person who never alters their opinion is like standing water, and 
    breeds reptiles of the mind. William Blake. "The Marriage of Heaven 
    and Hell."

 2. It is the uncompromisingness with which dogma is held that the danger 
    lies.  Samuel Butler - "The Way of All Flesh,"  

 3. If we value knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that 
    search may lead us. The free mind is no barking dog, to be tethered on 
    a ten-foot chain. Adlai Stevenson. 

    Paraenthetically, IPG will not be tethered to a one pico meter chain 
    that a few of you insist on trying to do.

We urge you to take up this challenge. It is going to have far reaching 
implications for your clients and for your companies. It is the wave of 
the future, as you will quickly discover.