1996-03-20 - Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System

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From: Mike McNally <m5@tivoli.com>
To: Adam Shostack <adam@lighthouse.homeport.org>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-03-20 08:21:48 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 16:21:48 +0800

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From: Mike McNally <m5@tivoli.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 16:21:48 +0800
To: Adam Shostack <adam@lighthouse.homeport.org>
Subject: Re: The return of the IPG Unbreakable System
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Adam Shostack wrote:
> | Since a copy of the IPG system has apparently arrived unsolicited in my
> | mailbox this morning...

Me too.

>         I'd like to add my name to Roy's letter.

Oh, uhh, yea; me too.  (I've already sent in a comment concerning the
bizarre process of ANDing 8-bit numbers with 0x3500, but that should
be taken as nothing other than a casual result of my reading the mail;
I've made no commitments or entered into any sort of contractual

> I strongly caution IPG against using my name in their
> advertising.

I am sure that a company with as much Internet savvy as IPG realizes
the degree to which using inappropriate attributions like that could
backfire, given the propensity of some netizens to defend their
reputations through every technological and legal means at their

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