1996-04-13 - Re: PEP Announcement (fwd)

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks@toad.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-04-13 19:14:08 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 03:14:08 +0800

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From: rah@shipwright.com (Robert Hettinga)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 03:14:08 +0800
To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks@toad.com>
Subject: Re: PEP Announcement (fwd)
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At 2:28 PM 4/10/96, Black Unicorn wrote:
> This showed up in my mailbox:

> PEP: Pretty Easy Privacy, a set of scripts for OneClick that integrate
> Eudora and MacPGP are now available in the latest Button Circle release
> .hqx>

I'm using it. I actually went out and bought OneClick to do so, mostly
because I wanted to mess around with scripts for other things and OneClick
looks pretty painless to use.

PEP works pretty much as advertised, except that the finger operations take
too long for my ISP to execute sometimes, and evidently the finger events
in Eudora aren't robust enough to wait for the operations to complete, so a
"wait" has to run. The work-around is to manually do the finger instensive
"get cypherpunks remailer names" and "get remailer-keys" operations with
eudora, copy the results, and then run the scripts.

Anyway, I bashed on it, and PGP, a bit, and now there's a palette when I
use Eudora which I can click to do chained remails, which I was never
really able to do before. It also does signs, which are fine, and encrypts,
which are also fine, but the decrypts come up in the PGP window, which is
crypto-correct, I suppose, but I like the dump-it-into-it's-own-mail-window
result of the original OSA scripts which come with MacPGP. This is useful
if you actually want to reply to an encrypted mail message. One of the
other things that is nice about the original MacPGP scripts is that they
automatically verify signatures on decryption, and, at the same time, they
also automagically add any attached keys to your keyring, pending
certification, etc.

Anyway, if you have OneClick already, then PEP is a way cool thing to have.

Here. I'll sign this message with it.

Bob Hettinga

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