1996-04-30 - Re: Former CIA Director and Strategic Investment Editor missing

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From: minow@apple.com (Martin Minow)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1996-04-30 05:25:24 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 13:25:24 +0800

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From: minow@apple.com (Martin Minow)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 13:25:24 +0800
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: Former CIA Director and *Strategic Investment* Editor	  missing
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>CNN is reporting that Colby's canoe has been found on the Potomac and
>Colby is missing.

Hmm, I wonder whether any of the anonymous contributors to Cypherpunks
has suddenly stopped contributing?

Martin Minow