1996-06-06 - Re: On the Hill: Child Porn “Morphing”

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From: Mike McNally <m5@vail.tivoli.com>
To: Jeffrey A Nimmo <janimmo@ionet.net>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-06-06 01:01:44 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:01:44 +0800

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From: Mike McNally <m5@vail.tivoli.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 09:01:44 +0800
To: Jeffrey A Nimmo <janimmo@ionet.net>
Subject: Re: On the Hill: Child Porn "Morphing"
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Jeffrey A Nimmo wrote:
> ...
> It only has to give the impression of being under the age of consent in
> order to be illegal. No real models have to be involved.
> > Silliness.  All silliness.
> That's debatable.

Anything's debatable, but silliness it remains.  The entire (also
silly, but tediously common) "but there's a real victim involved"
argument goes out the window.  And where's the line drawn?  Like
take for example this filthy little number:


Pretty wild, huh?  I mean, so young, and so willing!  Boy, I'm
gettin' all sweaty here just thinking about it; I'd better send
off this note quick and go take a cold shower.

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