1996-06-05 - Re: Class III InfoWar: TST Article

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From: Christian Wettergren <cwe@it.kth.se>
To: Dan Haskovec <dhaskove@ucsd.edu>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-06-05 10:51:17 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 18:51:17 +0800

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From: Christian Wettergren <cwe@it.kth.se>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 18:51:17 +0800
To: Dan Haskovec <dhaskove@ucsd.edu>
Subject: Re: Class III InfoWar: TST Article
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|      and the verdict is... NetMYTH!  I checked the cite in the article on 
|      cyberterrorism... no such article ran on 6/2/96 in the Times 
|      (London)... nor, in fact, in any newspaper available on Nexis... 
|      just thought I would let you know...

I've met Winn Schartau and a number of the people mentioned in the
article at a conference in Brussels about Information Warfare two
weeks ago.

I've also seen the article that is referred in the message from
Winn, and here is the URL for it.


Alternatively, you can access it through


going through a brief registration process etc.

Also, I've meet the journalist, Peter Warren, at the conference as
well. We even went for a beer! :-)

So, I'd definitively say there is too much real-world details
to it for me to believe it is a NetMYTH.

-Christian Wettergren,

PS. I'm not a netMYTH either, and I do exist. :-)