1996-07-31 - Re: VISA Travel Money

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From: snow <snow@smoke.suba.com>
To: Sandy Sandfort <sandfort@crl.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1996-07-31 06:02:54 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:02:54 +0800

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From: snow <snow@smoke.suba.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:02:54 +0800
To: Sandy Sandfort <sandfort@crl.com>
Subject: Re: VISA Travel Money
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On Tue, 30 Jul 1996, Sandy Sandfort wrote:
> It sounds VERY promising to me.  Though I'm sure Jim's conjecture
> about linking transactions is correct, I don't see how such an
> aonymous payment system could not be useful in preserving privacy.
> One could purchase several of these cards--preferably in the 
> smallest denominations consistent with their mission.  Each card
> could be used so that its audit trail left whatever impression
> one wished to leave.
> Of course, if you are arrested with one or more of them on you,
> they could be used to tie you to times, places and activities
> with which you might not wish to be associated.  Proper handling
> could obviate or reduce this risk however.
> It's not as anonymous as cash, but it might draw a lot less
> attention in my circumstances.  I think it has a place in one's
> aresenal of privacy enchancing technologies.

     This card has the value "written" when you "purchase" it right? 

    Any one wanna bet on how long it will take the "Hacker" Community
to figure out how to "refill" it? Otherwise all you have is a 
debit card. 

Petro, Christopher C.
petro@suba.com <prefered for any non-list stuff>