1996-10-29 - USENIX Annual Conference & USELINUX, January 6-10, 1997

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From: Cynthia Deno <cynthia@usenix.ORG>
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From: Cynthia Deno <cynthia@usenix.ORG>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 15:18:10 -0800 (PST)
To: urexx-l@liverpool.ac.uk
Subject: USENIX Annual Conference & USELINUX, January 6-10, 1997
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January 6-10, 1997
Anaheim, California, Marriott Hotel

Linux Applications Development & Deployment Conference
Co-located with USENIX 1997 Technical Conference
Co-sponsored by Linux International

Attendees may pay one fee and attend both conferences.

There are 20 day-long tutorials offered on January 6-7.  
Topics include:
IPv6                             Kerberos Approach to Network Security
Secure Java Programming            Introduction to Java
Windows NT and Windows 95     UNIX Network Programming
How Networks Work                  Topics in System Administration
Web Security                 System and Network Performance Tuning
Inside the Linux 2.0 Kernel            Java Applets and the AWT
UNIX Security Tools            CGI and WWW Programming in Perl
Administering a Web Server            Device Drivers under Linux
Solaris System Administration            Beginning Perl Programming
Writing Secure Code               Creating Effective User Interfaces

Java, the Web, Intranets, Security, Windows NT are among the topics of the
Technical Program which takes place January 8-10. It begins with a keynote
address by James Gosling, a creator of Java.  23 refereed papers present
up-to-the-minute research.  A second track of invited talks cover cryptography,
Inktomi and AltaVista Search Engines, IPv6, benchmarks, and a new networked
operating system from Bell Labs that offers unprecedented portability for
applications and services.

Linux Torvalds speaking on the future of Linux, is one of the highlights at the
Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conference.  USELINUX will offer
tutorials and technical presentations for developers. Concurrently, those
interested in the Linux marketplace may attend case studies and expert
presentations on how to create a Linux-based business.

An Exhibition on January 8-9 offers presentations of the latest hardware,
software, and networking products from 55 vendors.
ADMISSION TO THE EXHIBITION IS FREE.  If you cannot make it to the conference
but would like to visit the exhibition, please contact Cynthia Deno at 408 335
9445 or cynthia@usenix.org.

For more program and registration information:

Access our Resource Center on the World Wide Web--http://www.usenix.org

Email to: info@usenix.org.  In the body of your message state "send usenix97