1997-05-01 - Re: Bombs Away, from The Netly News Network

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From: “William H. Geiger III” <whgiii@amaranth.com>
To: Jeff Barber <jeffb@issl.atl.hp.com>
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Raw Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 07:07:22 +0800

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From: "William H. Geiger III" <whgiii@amaranth.com>
Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 07:07:22 +0800
To: Jeff Barber <jeffb@issl.atl.hp.com>
Subject: Re: Bombs Away, from The Netly News Network
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In <199705011950.PAA24272@jafar.issl.atl.hp.com>, on 05/01/97 at 01:50 PM,
   Jeff Barber <jeffb@issl.atl.hp.com> said:

>Declan McCullagh writes:
>>                                                   "A
>> member of the DoJ committee accessed a single web site
>> on the World Wide Web and obtained the titles of 110
>> different bomb-making texts."

>I wonder if this was a bookstore.  I did a search for "explosives" on
>amazon.com and came up with at least that many titles.  Only a handful
>were of the Anarchist's Cookbook ilk.  Most were academic or industrial
>studies; a few were from US Govt or Govt-affiliated organizations.

Well the whole thing is just more smoke and mirrors.

The bomb used in Oklahoma required the knowledge of CHEM 101. I have
several Eng. Books that go into great detail on making Nitrogen/Deasel
bombs as they are routinely used in Mining operations. They are safe to
store as a convenient binary explosive, easy to store, and easy to prepare
as needed "on site" not to mention they are relativly cheap to use. :)

I would imagine that you will have to pass a FBI/CIA/NSA security clearance
before you can enroll in collage in the near future. :(

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