1997-06-21 - Re: Anonymous browsing (was Re: Getting Back to our Radical Roots)

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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-21 18:01:25 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 02:01:25 +0800

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From: Robert Hettinga <rah@shipwright.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 02:01:25 +0800
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
Subject: Re: Anonymous browsing (was Re: Getting Back to our Radical Roots)
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At 7:22 pm -0400 on 6/20/97, Tim May wrote:
> When I was at CFP a few months back, and NSA guy said he read the
> Cypherpunks list regularly. And a CIA analyst who attended the Hackers
> Conference recognized my name when I happened to sit down next to him at a
> meal, and said his office often looked to the CP list for insights into how
> various proposals would be met. I don't recall either of their names--I
> wasn't that interested in tracking them--but I rather suspect their
> subscriptions were under under other names or at least other domain names,
> or forwarded directly off of other sites.

This could be done at the archives, even if they *are* in Singapore. :-).
Maybe *that's* why they need onion routers... :-).

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