1997-06-02 - Re: Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

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From: Paul Bradley <paul@fatmans.demon.co.uk>
To: “Robert A. Costner” <pooh@efga.org>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-02 13:40:37 UTC
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From: Paul Bradley <paul@fatmans.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 21:40:37 +0800
To: "Robert A. Costner" <pooh@efga.org>
Subject: Re: Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy
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> 5.  Social Security number

> Why does the store need my social security number for me to purchase soft 
> drinks and eggs?  (40 cents off on eggs this week)  I see no reason for it.  
> If I provide a false number, I have probably committed some crime.
> Yes, I would support a law that forbids private companies to ask for social 
> security numbers except for tax purposes.

The store is someones property. Whether it is part of a large Plc, a 
limited company, a sole trader etc. there is someone who owns 
that store. They decide what the fuck happens on their own property. 

If customers stop shopping there most stores, through the simple need for 
economic survival, will change their practices to attract customers. 

It is no business of yours if the store asks for your sexual orientation 
before they sell you a pack of butts, if you don`t like it, walk out. 

For fucks sake, do you understand nothing of basic theory?

I have long been slandering and bemoaning the current state of the 
various EFFs/ACLU/PI/CSPR type organisations as they have clearly sold 
out, and, as is obvious from the post quoted above, most don`t even have 
a clue what they are talking about.

Marc, you are doing more harm than good, go and read some basic books and 
get an understanding of the notion of private property and non-agression, 
then I will bother to respond properly to any well stated point.

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