1997-06-09 - My War

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From: se7en <se7en@dis.org>
To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks@toad.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1997-06-09 06:32:43 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 14:32:43 +0800

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From: se7en <se7en@dis.org>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 14:32:43 +0800
To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks@toad.com>
Subject: My War
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Way back when in 1995 when I stopped lurking on this list and became a 
regular poster, one of the things I quickly became known for was my 
on-line harrassment of those who had stepped over the line in one manner 
or another in a way that would ultimately hurt us as a group overall.

Many old-timers here will remember my harrassment of Curtis Sliwa and 
Colin Hatcher of the Cyberangels (a.k.a. Guardian Angels). These were the 
fools who organized a worldwide volunteer police-wannabe force that 
searched out indecency (in the generic and ill-defined sense of the term) 
on the net, which when one dug further into their agenda, found it was 
just a ploy for funding and political power. 

My incessant harrassment led to the revelation of many things, most 
importantly that their leader had never ever been on the WWW, stating 
that he didn't have time to do so. This despite the fact he had time to 
organize a police force to patrol it.

There have been many others since then, most not as evil as the 
Cyberangels. They each had their own reasons for harrassment. Among 
some of them have been Carolyn Meinel, O.J. Simpson, Captain Crunch, and 

As many of you know, I make a living as a professional speaker, with 
federal government, military and intelligence communities as my core 
audience. Let me put any fears anyone may have to rest: my work 
concentrates in Information Technology more than anything else, and if I 
get into hackers and hacking, it is more pro-hacker than anything else. I 
am working to improve our image as a community of talented individuals.

I recently went off on a serious rant with three different audiences on a 
topic I felt was seriously exaggerated/over-hyped/fearmongered/bullshit. 
That topic was child pornography on the Internet. If you believed the 
press, child pornography was all over the Internet and easy to get. This 
brought about even more press and some action by our legislators to 
crack down on the Internet.

I conducted an eight-week long search for child pornography late last 
year in the middle of this hype. I searched for, followed literally tens 
of thousands of links and hacked into pay/private porno servers all over 
the world. My opinion based on my results, which were not having found a 
single picture of child pornography anywhere, was that this whole topic 
was a bunch of bullshit.

Well, that all changed a few days ago. I had asked for a software crack 
in a public USENET forum to override the NT4.0 Server 120 day time limit. 
While never receiving the crack, some idiot from an anonymous address 
sent me a child porn .jpg file. Trust me when I say it was child porn; 
the girl was no older than four years old and was very graphic. I 
immediately deleted all trace of the message/attachment. I was also very 
pissed to say the least that some asshole sent me this.

I looked around on IRC on #teensex, and by whois'ing several operators, 
found more insidious channels. Among them are:


There are many others. I joined several of these channels and found that 
upon entering each one, I was auto messaged about special kiddie porn 
servers dedicated to trading, e.g.,

PreTeenSexPics - FTP at l/p ncc/ncc [|]

I logged onto several of these servers, and upon doing an ls-la found 
directories dedicated, among others, to child pornography. CD'ing into these 
directories listed several hundreds of files such as:


These are some of over several hundreds of files in a single directory on 
a single server. There were dozens of servers. I learned the protocol to 
download on these servers was to uplaod pictures you owned and then the 
operator would give you "credits" of various ratios for downloading, i.e., 
upload two pictures, you get credit to download one picture. I uploaded 
generic garbage pics off of a commercial adult web site, and recived 
credit to download three pics. What I saw wanted to make me physically 
vomit (yes, these pics are long since overwritten with 1's and 0's and 
destroyed). To put any doubts at rest, the material was real and fit the 
names of the files mentioned above.

I was also actively sent private messages by those looking to trade. I 
asked what they had, and the usual response was "anything and 
everything." Some of the more common messages were:

"I have 4-12 year old girls both action or pose."
"I have little boys and girls alone or together."
"I specialize in adults with 4-8 year old girls."

I started logging the channels. I wanted to silently gather IP addresses 
and email addresses. These people needed some genuine hacker terror. 
Among some of the more active and persistent traders were:

(*denotes server in operation)

* SylphFox has a ftp at 1:2 ratio, anon login
* <hehe@ts33.dac.pace.edu>
* <kiddie@t2o15p13.telia.com>

<lewisJ@user-37kb329.dialup.mindspring.com> name: Lewis Johnson
<hat@dialin9001.slip.uci.edu> name: Tuyen Ha

This log was generated in thirty minutes on #100%preteensexpics. If their 
email address appears above, it indicates they were actively offering 
trades or had servers in operation. These people listed above *were not* 
passive participants in the rooms. This represents only a small sampling 
of the overall people in the room at the time. Average number of people 
in each room varies, but seems to number about 40 people per room.

I logged out of IRC, and then went to USENET, in such rooms as:


There I found several hundreds upon hundreds of .jpg files of real child 
pornography. Several messages also pointed to some WWW sites, such as:


For someone who took a virtual tour of the kiddie porn world for only one 
day, I had the opportunity to download enough files to fully max out an 
IOmega 100MB ZIP disc. **This is not an exaggeration.** Imagine how much 
could be, and has, been downloaded by those who are regular participants 
in this activity.

Well, this whole situation is unacceptable. First, I would like to 
apologize to all those who have hired me in the past, and were subject to 
my emotional rants about how the whole subject was bullshit and not real. 
It is very real. It is disgustingly real. It is so real it will make you 
want to throw up, and I actually, physically did throw up last night.

Second, in reference to previous conversation over the years on this list, 
and in the hacking community in general, I know this type of activity is 
not tolerated by us. I have given you enough information above to start 
identifying the players in this and the places they congregate. It would 
be my sincere hope that hackers of all abilities would spend a few 
moments each day and put their talents to use against these people.

Yes, I am advocating malicious, destructive hacking activity against 
these people. Who are they going to run to? The police? "They hacked my 
kiddie porn server and rm -rf'd my computer!" Right...the police will be 
so anxious to lock us up left and right.

These people need to be eradicated from the Internet. While that may 
never happen completely, enough harrassment will send a message that 
engaging in this type of activity in very dangerous, and can result in 
serious harrassment, public embarrassment and computer destruction.

This is my war. It will be a public war. I don't care what happens to me 
by their community or by law enforcement. I feel secure enough that no 
jury in the world will convict me for taking these people out. I feel 
secure enough that no law enforcement agency will ever take action that 
would place me in front of a jury. And if by some chance I do end up 
being prosecuted, I know what I did was right.

So, now start the logs of the channels and the actions of those in it. 
Now starts the public postings of these logs in various places on the 
Internet. Now starts the harrassment. Now starts the malicious hacking. 
Now starts the war.

I don't expect people to join me here on this. If you do, you have enough 
information to start. I caution you to log what is going on, and to make 
sure you are hitting the guilty, so no innocent people get annihilated in 
the process. Make damn sure you know who you are hitting and why, and be 
able to back it up with the idea of having to justify your actions in 
front of a jury.

And make *REALLY SURE* that if you do come across files of child 
pornography, that you *OVERWRITE AND DESTROY* these files immediately! 
You wouldn't want to be the one who ends up being prosecuted for being in 
possession of this type of material. I would also recommend getting an 
anonymous email account, such as juno.com, mailmasher.com, hacked, etc., 
so that you can conduct your activities without fear of the inevitable 
retribution of those who actively trade this shit when the heat starts 
getting applied to them.

Of all the people who can help stop this, it is us...hackers. Not law 
enforcement, not the government, not the media. Not anyone. Just us, 
hackers who have the talent to do what no one else can.

Please forward this message freely around the Internet. It is not 
copyrighted in any way, shape, or form.