1997-07-31 - Denning backs away from GAK

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From: Eric Murray <ericm@lne.com>
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
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UTC Datetime: 1997-07-31 16:03:29 UTC
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From: Eric Murray <ericm@lne.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 00:03:29 +0800
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
Subject: Denning backs away from GAK
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"Encrypt expert revises views
Authorities crack codes on their own"

By Simpson Garfinkel, special to the Mercury News

"A key academic supporter of the Clinton administrations position in the
debate over controls on encryption software has found that the
scrambling techniques widely used today have not shielded criminals from
law enforecement authorities.  As a result, she is backing off from
her long-held belief that controls on strong encryption are essential
to fight crime"


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