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   New FCC chief to be named
   Kennard expected to get post, but choice has irritated Sen. Hollings
   July 24, 1997: 6:49 p.m. ET
   Hundt sees book in future - June 2, 1997
   FCC Chairman steps down - May 27, 1997
   Federal Communications Commission
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   WASHINGTON (CNNfn) - President Clinton has settled on William Kennard
   to be his choice to become the next chairman of the Federal
   Communications Commission, well-placed Administration officials tell
   [INLINE] Kennard, the FCC's current general counsel, would succeed
   Reed Hundt, if confirmed by the Senate.
   [INLINE] The sources say the president could make the announcement as
   early as Friday, though the official announcement could slip a bit.
   [INLINE] Kennard was favored for the job by Vice President Al Gore,
   the White House official who makes most of the final decisions
   regarding FCC appointments, because of Gore's long time work on
   telecommunications issues. But another telecommunications policy maker
   in Washington is furious at the White House for the Kennard selection.
   [INLINE] Sen. Ernest Hollings, the ranking Democrat on the Senate
   Commerce Committee, had pushed his former chief of staff on the
   committee, Ralph Everett, for the job. Everett, the first African
   American to ever serve as chief of staff to any Senate committee, had
   the endorsement of 16 Senators and was considered a leading candidate
   for the job.
   [INLINE] Not only is Hollings angry that his candidate didn't get the
   nod, but sources say he is also miffed about how the White House
   handled the process of making the final decision. White House Chief of
   Staff Erskine Bowles called Hollings, Senate sources say, "to
   apologize for how this was handled."
   [INLINE] One source close to Hollings told CNN Financial News, "Don't
   expect quick work in the Senate on this nominee."
   [INLINE] The president also is expected to nominate Justice Department
   attorney Michael Powell to fill a Republican vacancy on the
   five-member FCC, according to the sources.
   [INLINE] And Gloria Tristani, a phone regulator from New Mexico, is
   expected to be Clinton's choice to fill a Democratic seat.
   [INLINE] Those two nominations, however, aren't expected to be
   announced at the same time as the Kennard pick. Clinton already had
   nominated Kennard for the FCC. But the president has yet to name his
   choice for chairman of the agency following Hundt's announcement in
   May that he planned to leave.
   [INLINE] Clinton already has nominated Harold Furchtgott-Roth, chief
   economist for the House Commerce Committee, to fill a second
   Republican vacancy. The FCC oversees the phone, broadcast, wireless,
   satellite and cable-television industries. Link to top 
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