1997-10-01 - Re: “Show me an example of terrorists using the Internet or crypto”

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From: alexlh@yourchoice.nl (Alex Le Heux)
To: whgiii@invweb.net (William H. Geiger III)
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UTC Datetime: 1997-10-01 18:34:36 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 02:34:36 +0800

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From: alexlh@yourchoice.nl (Alex Le Heux)
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 02:34:36 +0800
To: whgiii@invweb.net (William H. Geiger III)
Subject: Re: "Show me an example of terrorists using the Internet or crypto"
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William H. Geiger III writes:
> What a crock of shit!!
> Europe has been in a perpetual state of war for the past 2,000 years where
> countless tens of millions of people have been slaughtered. Chances are
> very high that you will face an advisatory with a gun, the fact that he
> collects a paycheck from a government wont make you any less dead from his
> bullets.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but seen on 2000 year scales, the entire world
is constantly in a state of war. Europe isn't special in that regard. Even
though it doesn't look like there's many countries that are about to take
war to us here, it still might happen. And even if I had my AR15 then, it
wouldn't help me a lot against guided missiles and mortar fire. And anyway,
"to defend yourself in a war" is not one of the usual arguments against gun

> You must be getting some good drugs over there to conjure up this fantasy
> land where everyone loves one another and would never think of killing
> someone because it sure as hell doesn't exist in Europe.

Well, we're a lot closer to it over here than you guys are over there.


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