1998-04-21 - paid for making war on Iran & The Improbable Inventor of Frequency-Hopping Radio

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From: bill payne <billp@nmol.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 10:28:42 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: paid for making war on Iran & The Improbable Inventor of Frequency-Hopping Radio
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Tuesday 4/21/98 9:32 AM

J Orlin Grabbe
John Young
John Gilmore

ABQ J 4/21/98 A6

  U.S. Aided Communist Foe Pol Pot
  Richard Reeves


  Even after he fell from national power, we helped supply and protect
  Pol Pot because the Khmer Rouge was tying down large number of
  North Vietnamese troops.
    These are some of the names of the evil who were or still are paid
  o  Saddam Hussein, paid for making war on Iran.
  o  Gulbuddin Hekmatry, who made his name throwing acid in the faces of
     students in Kabul who dared to wear western dress, paid for making
was against
     communists in Afghanistan.
  o  The Taliban, the religious warriors we helped train to fight
communists who are 
     beating or killing those same women right now in Afghanistan.
  o  Manuel Noriega, the soldier-thug we encouraged to overthrow
elections in Panama
     because we did not like the results.
  o  Mobuto Sese Seko, one Joseph Mobutu, our man in Zaire.
  o  Jonas Savimbi, in constant war in Angola
  The list goes on.  It has for a long time and will, even if communism
is dead as a
  national security threat of the United States.  In may of these cases
our interest 
  involved resources - oil, usually, ...

Details of exactly how the US helped Saddam are coming out. 

Let's change to a more positive topic.  Lively people.

  Scientific American, April 1998, 95,  Spread Spectrum Radio ...

  The Improbable Inventor of Frequency-Hopping Radio

  She was gorgeous, glamorous and talented.  And she had a mind for
technology.  In
  1941 actress Hedy Lamarr, along with the avant-garde composer and
musician George
  Anthiel filed for a patent to cover their "Secret Communication
System," a device designed
  to help the U.S. military jump from one frequency to another, thus
making enemy 
  interception and jamming difficult.
    Born Hedwig Maria Eva Kiesler in Vienna, Austria, Lamarr may have
gotten the idea of
  "frequency hopping" while she was married to Fritz Mandl, an armament
  who sold munitions of Adolph Hitler.  Through a marriage arranged by
her parents, Lamarr
  was Mandl's trophy wife, and she accompanied him to the many business
dinners and 
  meetings, where unbeknownst to the participants, she silently learned
about Axis war
  technology.  After four years with Mandl, Lamarr, a staunch anti-Nazi,
fled to London, 
  where MGM's Louis B. Mayer "discovered" her and convinced her to move
to the U.S.
    In Hollywood she me Antheil, who helped her figure out a way to
synchronize the 
  frequency hopping between the radio transmitter and receiver.  Their
invention, which
  they gave to the U.S. government for free, called for two paper rolls,
similar to those used in 
  player pianos, punched with an identical pattern of random holes.  One
of the rolls would
  control the transmitter on the submarine which the other would be
launched with the 
  receiver on the torpedo.  Though ingenious, the device was deemed too
cumbersome for use
  in World War II.  
    Still, the seminal idea of frequency hopping lingered.  By the late
1950s U.S. Navy contractors
  were able to take advantage of early computer processors for
controlling and synchronizing the
  hopping sequence.  Since then, the U.S. military has deployed more
sophisticated techniques with
  even faster processors in costly, classified devices, including
satellite communications systems.
  And today. And today the technology has become widespread in cell
phones and in personal
  communications (PCS), among other civilian applications. - D.R.H.

  HEDY LAMARR, the Hollywood actress, was the co-receipient of a patent
  for basic  technology that is now widely used in cell phones and
  communications services(PCS).

US News & World Report, April 20, 1998 page 16


  Saying she's been "humiliated and embarrassed ... has suffered mental
  and anguish," the sultry 1940s screen star Hedy Lamarr, 84, has filed
a lawsuit
  seeking unspecified damages from the Corel Corp., a Canadian software
  The case, now in U.S. District Court, claims Corel used her image with

My impression is that NSA attempted de-emphasize the most important
technology for spread spectrum frequency-hopping an
shift register sequence [Galois fields, mod 2].  

But this is not working largely because of Internet


NSA, a user of Forth, also tried to do hide threaded code technology.
This isn't working for NSA either.

Let's hope for settlement so that we can get on to more, if I can even 
imagine such, projects.