1998-05-25 - The Hidden Secrets of Mortgage Lenders

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From: tiikue43@netcom.com
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 18:00:59 -0700 (PDT)
To: tiikue43@netcom.com
Subject: The Hidden Secrets of Mortgage Lenders
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<FONT COLOR="#800000" SIZE=3>Dear Homeowner,

</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>Would you like to pay off all your debts, including your mortgage in 5 to 8 years, without increasing your monthly payments?  Or are you happy paying 88% of the value of your home in interest during the first ten years?  Do you want to continue making the minimum payment on your charge cards, which could take you over 20 years to pay them off?  How can we do this?  With accelerators.

Accelerators are nothing new, large corporations have been using them for centuries.  Accelerators allow you to pay off the principal of your debts, therefore limiting the amount of interest that you owe.  The result can be a substantial reduction in the length of time an individual pays on his or her mortgage and consumer debts, and a dramatic reduction in the amount of total payments.

With accelerators you can eliminate your mortgage and debt in 5 to 8 years then take the same money you were using to pay off your debts and build true wealth during the time it would have taken you to pay off your mortgage originally.  You don't need to be a wall street wizard to make this work.  Let Equity 1st teach you how to avoid the pitfalls that cause most people to fail financially.

In our program, you will know how and when you will be out of debt, as well as when you will be financially independent and able to live off the income from your investments.

Most lenders want to keep you in debt as long as possible.  The longer you are in debt, the more interest you pay.  Equity 1st of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been helping people totally eliminate all their debts, and reach their financial goals, since the 1980's.

Whether you require a first mortgage, second mortgage, debt consolidation, debt restructuring, or mortgage acclerator program, I can help you with all your financing needs.  My network of nationwide lenders enables me to find the best interest rates available..  Programs are also available for homeowners with slow credit, little or no equity, or even bankruptcy.

The reality: 96% of all Americans fail to achieve financial independence.  Do you want to be in the 4% who do?

To learn more about how you can be debt free, and have all your financing options explained to you, click HERE<FONT COLOR="#800000" SIZE=3> to request more information, (place debt free, and your first name  in the subject).  If you prefer to speak with a Financial Consultant for a no obligation consultation, call toll free at 888-283-4899, in North Carolina call 910-777-8117.  Consultants are available Monday - Friday from 8:00am until 9:00pm and on Saturday between the hours of 9:00am to 12:00pm eastern standard time.  When calling have this ID code SRLM available.


Denise Whitaker 
Financial Consultant and Mortgage Lending Officer
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