1998-05-14 - Complete Internet Marketing

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From: 105263.2354@compuserve.com
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:51:36 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Complete Internet Marketing
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Complete Internet Marketing
The E-mail Resource Center
toll free.....800-942-7913....toll free
fax 732-367-2229

Targeted E-mail Marketing......
No matter what your target is, we can compile a great list for you of people or 
businesses that may have an interest in what you have to offer.
We can do all of the email for you and have the replies come directly to your email 
address or we can accept the replies for you here and forward the replies to you.  Our 
addresses are compiled fresh for you as per your order. These email addresses can 
even be pulled geographically for you as well.
Address Lists start at $50 per thousand and we can offer you a better price on higher 
quantities.  Our clients are getting great results, so can you.

Bulk Email Programs.....

Want Your Mail to get in? We Have "Mail Pusher" - 
100% Delivery..State of the art penetration software. A Stealth Type Program on 
Steroids. Fast too, with 12 ports 100,000 per hour, 20 ports 160,000 per hour. 
Functional Demo Available. Price only $295.00

This is the next generation of mass mail software. This allows you to turn your own 
computer into a bona fide mail server using a dial-up account or a dedicated ISDN or 
T-1. This program has several unique features. It delivers the mail directly from your 
computer which is now the mail server to the recipients mail server and let's you watch 
each piece of mail get delivered to the recipients mail box. No more guessing and 
seeding It sends at about 50,000 to 80,000 per hour from a 28.8 modem. If that isn't 
enough the program send in color with simple point and click controls to set font 
colors, background colors and make fonts bold, italics as well as align left, right or 
center the message.
Demo Available..Price only $395.00

Stealth Sending Software - Transmits at 250,000 to 350,000 from a 33 modem with a
modest Pentium with 20 connections. THE INDUSTRY WORKHORSE. We are an 
authorized dealer offering full support 7 days a week. For a limited time Email pro 
(non supported) is included with Stealth at no extra cost, along
with CDS Check by Fax Software for free, plus 9 million addresses.
Demo Available..Price only $295.00

Extremely fast. This extractor goes to major search engines (you can pick from a list of 
10 of the most popular search engines) and conducts a search by keyword or 
keywords. It then spiders the web pages that come up as search results extracting the 
email addresses and saving them in a plain text format. You can define how deep the 
search is to be. You can filter out addresses such as those with webmaster or admin. 
You can use additional filters to have the software only include url's containing certain 
keywords. It can also eliminate certain url's with specified keywords. This makes for 
some very tight targeting. The cost of Hurricane is $295 but scroll down to see the 
package deal.

This is a targeted list builder that could also be used to collect general addresses. You 
input a city and state and hit the start button, kick back and watch it collect. Quite fast. 
Easy to use. The cost of geo Snake is $295.

This software extracts email addresses from newsgroup postings by keyword. It 
targets. Very fast and easy to use. This software has a number of useful options to help 
you get the exact results you want so reading the help file is recommended. The demo 
will allow you to see how fast and easy it is to use but will not allow you to save or use 
the addresses collected. Cost of News Sleuth is $295.

*Special Deal*
Hurricane, Geo Snake & News Sleuth - all for $595.00

With this super easy to use software you can target addresses based on search engine
 keywords. Examples would be shoe manufacturers, chemical adhesives, retail clothing 
stores, airlines, import/export just to use a few examples. Want to know what the 
potential yield would be go to a major search engine and enter in a keyword(s) and 
see how many hits come up. This multi-threaded software searches seven search 
engines simultaneously, visiting the web sites and extracting the email addresses, 
removing the duplicates and putting them in plain text files, one address to a line. A 
child could learn to use this software in 15 minutes or less. Super easy. It runs in the 
background allowing you to perform other tasks with your computer. The yield will 
vary according to the search keywords, your system, your Internet connectivity, net 
traffic, etc. but the range tends to run from 1000 to 2000 addresses per hour but 
remember these are highly targeted lists that others charge big money for. Cherry 
Picker costs $295.00

This is the greatest list manager program we know of. Does everything and then some. 
Cost is $199.00 Check out the demo, you'll be glad you did.

We accept Visa/Mastercard/American Express and Check by Fax.
Please call our toll free number for more information on all of our services. You can 
instantly download demos of all of our software.

CALL NOW...800-942-7913  OR FAX US AT 732-367-2229
To be removed from our database, please call us toll free and state your email address 
(please speak slowly and clearly) so that we can be sure to get your address clearly 
and we will honor your request to be removed immediately. We are responsible 
Internet Marketers.
Thank you!