1998-05-09 - What Bill Gates doesn’t want you to know.

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From: diane@extractorpro.net
Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 12:24:11 -0700 (PDT)
To: friend@bulkmailer
Subject: What Bill Gates doesn't want you to know.
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Microsoft is on to something that may in fact smash 
their competition with hours!

Bill Gates and his team of marketing VPs have finally
 found the net's biggest secret.  The one that Web Masters 
and Small Businesses have been using to get the lion's share 
of business out there.

You see, they all have found a way to reach more people 
than even all of Microsoft employs with the press of one 
button--  and at a cost that is less than you will probably 
spend on internet access this year.

Its called Direct Email and its already in the works with 
companies like Microsoft.  

Bill Gates' dream is already here with a secret piece of software 
called  "Extractor Pro".

Extractor Pro already does what Bill Gates is waiting to do!

Armed with Extractor Pro, a pentium computer, and a 28.8 modem 
you can be sending more messages in the time that it takes to 
change the oil in your car, than the entire NewYork post office 
can send in one day..

Thousands of simple Email messages like this could be your 
ticket to the moon.

If you want to be one up on Bill Gates and his team of 
marketing VPs, call us or visit:


We'll throw you the keys to Extractor Pro  and let you take it for 
a test drive.  After you've gone around the block a few times and 
decided Extractor Pro can do for you what Bill Gates' latest plan 
can do for Microsoft-- call us and we can unlock your  Extractor 
Pro right over the net.

Thank you for your time.

Extractor Marketing

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