1998-05-04 - Epic Log - SPACE ALIENS HIDE MY DRUGS!!!

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From: TruthMonger <tm@algebra.com>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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From: TruthMonger <tm@algebra.com>
Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 10:53:08 -0700 (PDT)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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Dimitry, cleverly trying to distract me from my plan to....
(Damn! It worked...) wrote:

That was your best one yet, my friend.  Well done.  Do you invent as you 
or do you prepare first?  Do you dream the ideas in progress or 
summarize a 
day of dreaming all at once? 

  After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, it took 
me somewhere between 6-18 months to get around to seeing a doctor
in regard to treatment. So I guess you could say that 'plans' and
'preparation' are not my strong point.
  A year or so ago I unexplicably began to write a work called,
'Soul Chaser.' I had absolutely no idea what it was about or
where it was going, and it drove me crazy waiting for each 
chapter to 'appear' so that I could find out what was going
to happen. 

  While 'The True Story of the InterNet' manuscripts are created
with a purpose in mind, they tend to form themselves out of a 
mountain of notes jotted to myself in regard to the types of things
that force their way into one's mind while lying sleepless at 4 a.m.
  An integral part of the manuscripts is the insertion of details
or concepts which are sent to me for inclusion by a variety of 
shadowy characters, some of whom I am somewhat familiar with, and
some who remain a total mystery to me. An example would be the
references to Mule Shoe, Texas as the location of one of the 
underground Reptilian Nazi bunkers (along with LizardMoor and
Lost Alamo).
 I added Mule Shoe to the list as a result of a mystery request
and have no idea what is being inferred, but a number of CoE
initiates have reported that they have observed a great deal of
concern among certain government organizations about the possible
compromise of some mysterious project, or somesuch. As a matter
of fact, a few thanked me profusely for the 'pointer' even though 
they gave me no indication as to what they have uncovered.

Granted I've not seen anything relevant to cryptography yet, but I'm not 
to complain. 

  Cryptography = Privacy = Rights = Freedom = Ad Infinitum

   Once the possibilty of extinction of all life from the face
of the earth by Nuclear Technology became a *REALITY*, then
the scope of many formerly local/regional/national issues and
interests became considerably wider/larger.
  Now that the possibility of extinction of all privacy from 
the face of the earth by Digital Technology (Can you say
'ECHELON'? Sure you can...) has become a *REALITY*, the scope
of many local/global issues and interests have acquired a
level of meaning which goes far beyond the particular sphere
in which they currently are being debated/instituted.
  We have recently seen how local pornography laws in the 
Deep South can affect the lives of people living locally in
California and globally in CyberSpace. We are currently moving
toward the same issues and concepts applying internationally.

  What about the reporter who is currently facing imprisonment
for investigating the Truth in regard to child pornography on
the InterNet, instead of accepting at face value the 'handouts'
from the Privacy Pirates? Anyone who fails to see implications
for freedom, privacy and cryptography needs to spend a little
less time watching 'Gilligan's Island'.

  I may soon be facing the same situation in Canada, with the
main difference being that the 'Bienfait Nutly News' doesn't
carry the same type of clout as the organizations considered
by people wearing suits as members of the 'legitimate press'.
  When I protected all files that I didn't want to fall into
the possession of the Royal (pain in the ass) Canadian (beaver,
hee...hee) Mounted (on the citizen's behind) Police (gestapo),
I made a point of leaving on my hard drive, among other things,
a 'pornography file' which I sent to the CypherPunks list, the
WhiteHouse, etc., with the announcement that I was purposely
distributing vile, filthy pornography that was an affront to
every decent person on the face of the earth.
  Anyone who took the trouble to break the encrypted file
would have found that it was a classic Greek(?) statue of
a young boy, with his <gasp><horror> PENIS exposed for God
and everybody to see. I truly believe that my digital 
transmission of this classic work of art makes me, under 
current law, a child pornographer, even though the only way
for anyone to view it would be to crack the encryption on
the file.
(Thus far, God has not contacted me to express having a
 problem with my actions, but I suspect that those who
 have taken it upon themselves to express the opinions
 of 'everybody' will soon be in contact.)

Thanks for the entertainment. 
 'Entertainment' is the *Medium*, not the *Message*, of 'The
True Story of the InterNet' manuscripts.
  It is a Medium which has lessened, though not removed, the
consequences which go hand-in-hand with the dissemination of
Truths which meet the high standards expressed by a line in 
a movie..."You can't *HANDLE* the Truth!"

  Jim Bell was taken down a few hours after I had sent him a
copy of a TSotI chapter describing 'Assassination Politics',
and asking his opinion on certain things. (The *only* time
I have ever done this.)
  I took the Jim Bell events to be a clear message that the
rules had changed in regard to the dissemination of the TSXotI
manuscripts. I did not regard the chapter as 'entertainment'.
 (I fully recognize the possibility that I may be wrong or
 'overreacting' to the synchronicity of the two events, but,
 on the other hand, I have the perspective of having observed
 this type of 'synchronocity' since 1989, and have had my
 sorry ass 'saved' by my 'unreasonable paranoia' many times
 since then.)

  I left home two weeks before gomez was cut loose from a 
company he had founded, after seventeen years, in order to 
arrive the day before he, himself, received the 'news'.
  I received the information regarding his elimination from 
the CoE equation via a source who still remains a mystery to
me after almost a decade of cross-communication.
  I gave the situation only the briefest of mentions in the
TSotI manuscripts, because CoE initiates would have no problem
with immediately recognizing the import of the event.
  I did not consider that chapter to be 'entertainment'.

  Many initiates of the Circle of Eunuchs have recently 'gone 
to ground', in order to work unobserved in a manner which they
feel they can be most effective. Other CoE initiates have 
stepped forward to accentuate the policies and actions that
they have been involved in more surrupticiously until now,
even though it may well expose them to retribution, because
they feel that that is how they can be most effective.
  I have given brief mention to some of the results of the
directions some of these CoE initiates have taken in various
chapters of the TSotI manuscripts, and I do not consider 
these chapters 'entertainment'.

  I recently received information in regard to the intentions
of the Beaver Bullys to slap their tails down on my sorry butt,
and had the option of heading for sandier pastures (Tucson), or
covering my ass as much as possible and saying, "Damn the 
torpedos, full Speed, Ritalin and Prozac ahead!"
  I chose to do the latter, and have written a bit about it
in the TSotI manuscripts. I *do* consider those chapters to
be (my) 'entertainment', because 'picking guitar while Rome
burns' is the only dance there is...

  Maybe I'm crazy (maybe?...hee, hee), but if I had the 
opportunity to travel back in time and *become* Lee Harvey
Oswald, I would do so. Can you imagine actually *knowing*
the Truth behind what most of us can only specualate about,
even though the events surrounding his role/non-role in the
assassination of JFK are of monumental import to our times
and the *REAL* history of our globe?

  I have no idea whether or not the Oppressors who have
'legally stolen' my computers will be foolish enough to
attempt to take me down within the boundaries of the
current legal system, but I can guarantee that, if they
do, myself and others will learn more about what is truly
going on in the background of 'currently perceived reality'
than Lee Harvey Oswald ever dreamed of knowing.
  There are 'tricks and traps' embedded in the information 
that I *ALLOWED* the Oppressors to confiscate that are the
result of almost a decade of preparation. Anyone who thinks
I am 'blowing smoke' failed to read and understand the portion
of 'WebWorld & the Mythical Circle of Eunuchs' which detailed
the concept of "Winner's Bluff."
  "TV IS REAL!" (And so is 'Uncle Bubba'...)

Thought For The Day:
  Which 'side' do you, personally, take in regard to the debate
as to whether there is, or is not, a Grand Conspiracy taking
place in the BackGround Of Reality?

  The fact of the matter is, it doesn't really matter.
  The existence or non-existence of the Grand Conspiracy is
of no more importance than the existence or non-existence
of the Circle of Eunuchs.

Definition of Reality:
  "If you can put it in the bank, it's Real!"
~ Stuart Wilde (misquote)

'Theory of Black Holes' Versus 'Infield Fly Rule':
  If some scientific genius proves the invalidity of Einstien's
theories, then can we expect the victims of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki to spring back to life?
  If everyone on the face of the earth, except for baseball
umpires, agree to invalidate the Infield Fly Rule, does it
really matter?

  Are the 'True Story of the InterNet' manuscripts 'entertainment'?
  Sure. "His login is PANIC, His password is CRASH, When Time is
of Essence, He'll Rise from the Ash" was just a 'lucky guess' as
to the true importance of the recently acknowledged problem which
is presented by the Millennium Bug.

  Claire Wolfe's statement that there is an "Angel" hidden
deep within the bowels of the IRS computer system was just
a 'lucky guess'.

  The evolutionary march of computer technology along the
paths predicted by the CypherPunks over the years has been
just a long series of 'lucky guesses' resulting from the
random output of keyboards taking direct hits during the
CypherPunks' legendary pissing contests.

  Dimitri Vulis' exposure of John Gilmore as a 'cocksucker'
was just a 'lucky guess'.

  The ASCII Art spams revealing that Timmy C. Mayonnaise
is the result of early 'Turd Cloning' experiments was just
a 'lucky guess'.

  The suspicion slowly rising from the back of your mind to
flip the switch which turns on the light of realization 
that the insanity of 'The True Story of the InterNet' 
manuscripts are purposely opaque misdirections of their
true purpose, which is to raise the possibility that Kent
Crispin, and even you, yourself, may actually be one of
US, instead of one of THEM, is just a 'lucky guess'.
  Giorgio Ivanovitch Gurdjieff posited that humans cannot
'consciously' do evil. I concurr...

 Is there a method to my madness, or a madness to my method?

Hint: I AM the Biosemiotic Evolutionary Equivalent (TM) of
Lee Harvey Fucking Oswald.

  I AM not just 'predicting' the future, I AM 'creating'
the future.
  The CypherPunks are not just 'predicting' the future,
they are 'creating' the future.
  Louis !B Freeh is !just 'creating' the future, he is
desperately attempting to prevent Jane and Joe Netizen from
doing the same.

  The AI/Biometrics experts at LizardMoor, Lost Alamo and 
Mule Shoe are sucking hind-tit to those who have approached
Biosemiotic Evolution from the human side of the equation.

  Vice-Admiral D'Shauneaux, during our intial confrontation,
expressed concern that I was unaware of the importance to
humankind that the 'Secret War' taking place in the Background
of History be 'won' by those who were working in the best
interests of humanity and democracy. 
  My reply to him was that, given the human condition, it was
imperative that the Forces of Light never triumph over the
Forces of Darkness, for the simple reason that it has always
been a truism that 'Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts
absolutely'. (Lucifer used to be an Angel!)
  Would you rather be slain by a Moslem saint or a Christian
saint, upholding their perception of 'righteousness'?

  Is ECHELON an abomination?
  Yes, if it remains unopposed.

  I have no doubt that ECHELON has resulted in the negation of
a plethora of evils which had the potential to result in a great
amount of devastation to both the physical and the spiritual
conditions of the human equation.
  I also have no doubt that ECHELON at some point reached a
point of competence and control that allowed those involved in
'protecting' us to get sidetracked into a plethora of issues
and directions which refelected personal, in-house political
agendas, rather than the interests of Truth, Justice, Democracy,
and An Honorable Concept To Be Corrupted Later.

When You're Up To Your Ass In Alligators, It's Hard To
Remember That Your Original Objective Was To Drain The 
  True...  But when you're up to your ass in EunuchIzens, 
your 'ass is grass' if you don't get back to your 'original 

  The nonsensical paranoid diatribes warning against the
dire threat posed by Gomez and the Dark Allies in the
TSotI manuscripts are not 'entertainment', any more
than the C2Net Conspiracy Theory that was presented to
those with 'ears to hear' during the legendary CypherPunks
Moderation Experiment / Censorship Crisis.
  Assuming that Sameer's lips are not wrapped around Uncle
Sam's cock, C2Net reflects the epitome of CypherPunks goals
to promote the spread of strong cryptography around the
globe in order to provide access for the citizens to 
secure private communications. Nonetheless. the involvement
of a C2Net employee in the attempt to 'damage' the CPUNX
list made one of US (TM) a greater threat to CypherPunk 
ideals than the actions or intentions of THEM (TM).

  I have absolutely no problem with Mr. & Ms. ECHELON doing
whatever they honestly feel is necessary to protect and
defend the globe from what is patently evil, but I have
absolutely no interest in them achieving such a privileged,
comfortable position in the 'Secret War' that they have
enough time on their hands to throw a cold, hard one up 
the butt of anyone who offends them personally by calling
them a 'cocksucker', no matter whether the offender's 
name ends with an 'i' or a 'y'.

Orange Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant (Judge Cherry Brandy):
  Tim May was astute enough to recognize that the absence
of ignorant, statist morons such as Kent Crispin on the
CypherPunks list is a detriment, since the positions he
took on various issues were usually the result of careful
deliberation, even though he usually had his head up his
ass. A forum in which everyone agrees with Chomsky is of
no greater benefit to human evolution than a forum where
everyone agrees with Freeh.
  I am astute enough to realize that without the presence
of Willam Geiger III on the CypherPunks list, to slap
Eric Cordian silly for whining about life 'forcing' him
to be a Sheeple, that I would feel like a lone fool for
occassionally admitting to being as big an idiot as the
Sheeple that I rail against in my self-righteous diatribes.
  You are astute enough to realize that even without the 
verifiable presence of Toto in the Authorship of this
chapter, given the fact that the manuscripts have always
been a shared/distributed project, not to mention the
fact that the toto@sk.sympatico.ca account is the Grand
Central Station of CyberSpace, it is still incumbent on
you to immediately report to the proper authorities my
online confession to having murdered a variety of law
enforcement agents and buried them in my garden plot in
Bienfait. (But, if anybody asks, I was with *you* when
JFK was assassinated, OK?)

  Ten a.m., time for 'River's Edge' on Fox TV.
  I'll need both hands free, to crack beers and take

Smoke 'em if you love 'em...