1998-05-14 - Re: Abusive crossposting by anonymous remailer user (Was: Gary Lee Burnore is a Convicted Sex Offender in Raleigh, NC)

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From: gburnore@netcom.com (Gary L. Burnore)
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UTC Datetime: 1998-05-14 00:02:16 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:02:16 -0700 (PDT)

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From: gburnore@netcom.com (Gary L. Burnore)
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:02:16 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Abusive crossposting by anonymous remailer user (Was: Gary Lee Burnore is a Convicted Sex Offender in Raleigh, NC)
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On Wed, 13 May 1998 15:11:11 +0200 (MET DST), in article
<199805131311.PAA05504@basement.replay.com>, nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)

:eridani@databasix.com (Belinda Bryan) wrote:
:> And there we have it, folks.  The anonymous stalker who's spent the past
:> year following Gary Burnore around Usenet found a post in
:> triangle.general that mentioned him, added a propaganda-filled follow up
:> to it, and posted it to 9 newsgroups--many of whom have repeatedly
:> requested that this crap be kept out of said groups.
:"Anonymous stalker"?  For merely posting a reply to a public post on
:Usenet?  What state or country has a statute against that, and what makes
:you think the poster falls under its jurisdiction if it does exist?  As for
:whether a certain post is "propaganda", that is for the reader to decide,
:especially when of the content is independently verifiable.  The
:"propaganda" you refer to was apparently intended to refute the fallacious
:assertion that since Gary Lee Burnore's entry in the North Carolina
:official database of registered sex offenders had apparently been removed,
:then the underlying crime for which he was convicted and required to
:register somehow automagically never happened.  To make such an assertion
:is to invite rebuttal.

Only for someone as obsessed in this as you.  Everyone else I've seen post
except those who have a grudge directly against me has said something similar
to "who gives a fuck?"  Your obsession continues.

:The thread you're whining about involved Steve Crisp <crisp@pageplanet.com>
:threatening an anonymous poster with "beating the living fuck out of you"
:if his/her identity could be determined, a second anonymous poster
:challenging the propriety of such a threat, and yet another DataBasix
:groupie, William McClatchie <wmcclatc@primenet.com>, calling the second
:anonymous poster a "remailer abuser" for daring to make such a challenge.
:So rather than denouncing the threat itself, you choose to call the person
:challenging it an "anonymous stalker"?  If you feel no need to "hide"
:anything, please feel free to post your street address and home phone
:number.  But I imagine that many people with small children would not want
:their names, from which their street address can be derived by someone with
:the resources available to you and Gary Burnore, to fall into the hands of
:a convicted child molester with a history of abusive retaliation.

Geesh you ignorant fuck. It's been posted more times than I can count.  You
don't remember posting it right? Oh wait, that was someone else who's obsessed
with me right?  Uh huh.  The same way you posted Steve's info you posted mine.

:Being threatened with physical violence for making an unpopular post is
:one of the best arguments available as to why anonymity is necessary when
:people like Steve Crisp and convicted child molester Gary Lee Burnore are
:running around loose making those threats.

If people like you weren't allowed to abuse remailers, people like chris
wouldn't make comments that he knows are not threats to draw you out.  You buy
it hook line and sinker.   You must certianly know that he's not threatning
anyone since you're posting anonymously and he couldn't possibly know who you
are.  But obsessed as you are you can't take it.  

:> Oh and lookee what else:  it was mailed to cypherpunks@toad.com,
:> presumably for archival on the cypherpunks mailing list, where it will
:> be picked up by WWW search engines.  Since those folks don't seem to
:> mind having their archives used in personal grudge matches, I'll just
:> start cc'ing my responses there as well.  I'm sure, as champions of free
:> speech, they can understand the necessity of making sure both sides of
:> the story get equal time.
:This, of course, comes from the same Belinda Bryan who impersonated a
:lawyer for DataBasix to demand the disclosure of (fortunately non-existant)
:user logs from the Huge Cajones remailer in a failed Scientology-esque
:attempt to embarass its users.

More lies from the obsessed one as Belinda NEVER impersonated a lawyer for
anyone.  Beating dead horses is your specialty isn't it?

:  And that attack, BTW, started because Gary
:Burnore was pissed that an anonymous whistle blower used a remailer to tip
:of his victim's mother to the molestation.  As is typical of his style,
:Burnore denounced that legitimate use of anonymity as "harassment" and

More unproven lies.  If you, the anonymous asshole were really interested in
the truth (rather than your obsession with me) you'd get the court documents
and see that the dates do not support your libelous statements.  Libelous
statements are the best argument for remailers.  If you need to make a
libelous statement, do it from a remailer.  Nothing will happen to you. (Other
than folks will begin to ignore the remailer)

:It was also Burnore who chose to make PUBLIC what had previously been a
:private e-mail, thus inviting his critics to factually evaluate the claims.
:One of them apparently did so and discovered Gary Burnore's name and mug
:shot were published on an official PUBLIC website of registered sex
:offenders maintained by the state of North Carolina where Burnore moved
:after leaving San Francisco. 

More lies from the anonymous asshole.  It's not been that long since this
started that people don't remember how and why it was posted to USENet.  It
had nothing to do with an email.

: Perhaps he should have learned a lesson from
:Gary Hart and not have taunted the wrong people to find evidence of his

Perhaps I should continue to improve my tracing skills and find you one day.

:Will the continual harangue against privacy and anonymity by Gary Lee
:Burnore, Belinda Bryan, Billy McClatchie, and other staffers and sock
:puppets of the DataBasix wrecking crew never end?

Translation:  If Gary Burnore and Belinda Bryan and Bill McClatchie leave the
internet, the anonymous asshole will stop lying.
:BTW, Belinda, cross-posting your whining drivel in the fashion you're
:threatening negates your lame attempts to achieve deniability by using the
:infamous X-No-Archive header that has become the trademark of DataBasix'

You've never given a valid reason why someone should or should not use an
X-No-Archive header.  You hide behind a remailer and libel and then complain
when someone X-No-Archives.  Typical hypocritical thinking.

: IOW, you won't be able to retroactively claim that an
:embarassing post from you was "forged" because it's not archived at an
:unbiased, third party site.  Can you say "oops"?

Well we'll see about unbiased sites now won't we? 

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