1998-05-20 - http://www.scarlett.net/starter

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From: Adults Only <postmaster@xxxmail.net>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 20:49:29 -0700 (PDT)
To: adult4@xxxmail.net
Subject: http://www.scarlett.net/starter
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Everyone needs legal images on their web sites these days!! 
And XXX by SCARLETT has got the pictures you need!! 

XXX RAW  EXTREME HARDCORE , BIZAARE Pics is what we specialize in!! 

Check out http://www.scarlett.net/starter 

Our specials are unbeatable and only 30 CD's are sold to Webmasters!! :D 

CD #1 - 1000+images for $500.00 (Mostly hardcore)

CD #2 - 500+images for $250.00  (ALL EXTREME HARDCORE)

CD #3 - 500+images for $250.00  (Girls with toys)

CD #4 - 626 images for $350.00 (NEW ALL HARDCORE TEEN CD) 

No one else has nasty stuff like this for this price folks!!  All images
are thumbnailed with HTML pages and come with the raw 1200x800 150dpi images.

APIC/WebPosse receive a 20% discount.  
10% discount if you purchase all four.