1998-05-25 - The Internet Success ToolBox

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From: corvett52@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 13:08:13 -0700 (PDT)
To: Friend@public.com
Subject: The Internet Success ToolBox
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Note:We do not wish to send e-mail to anyone that does
not want it so please send an e-mail to:
You will be removed promptly.

The Most Complete Marketing Software Package Available Anywhere!

This is what you will receive on  CD-ROM:

1. Stealth Mass Mailer ($399.00 value) - This unique, first of 
it's kind - software that allows you to easily send 250,000 e-mail 
messages an hour. Simply enough by making a single 
connection to the Internet using a standard modem, and connecting to
either 20 different mail servers, or a single mail server 20 times.

This, easy to use, software is designed for the basic computer 
user to understand. It's as easy as imputing the mail server, 
selecting the list of e-mail recipients to send to, inserting your 
e-mail address, adding your subject line, selecting your sales 
letter, and pressing send.

2. E-Mail Pro Extractor ($350.00 value) - This one of a kind software 
program is designed to manage and clean up any list of e-mail
addresses. It will purge duplicates, manage removes and delete
undeliverables. It will also separate and categorize your list of 
e-mail addresses by domain names.

The E-mail Pro Version 4.0 Bulk E-mail Loader also imports simple
text files that anyone can download from AOL, CompuServe, the
Internet, etc...These text files contain classified ads, forum 
messages, or data from the member directory. Each of these 
files are filled with e-mail addresses.

3. Check Deposit System ($125.00 value) - Check Deposit System 
Version 2.1 is a state of the art, revolutionary software that allows
you to easily and legally process checks by fax, phone or Internet.
The customer's signature on the check is not necessary. 

4. 16 Million E-mail Addresses ($149.00 value) - We took a total of 
over 92 million e-mail addresses from many of the touted CD's that 
are out there (bought them all - some were $300+)! We added the 
millions we had in storage to those. When we combined them all, 
we had in excess of 100+ million addresses in one huge file.

We then ran a super "sort/de-dupe" program against this 
huge list. It cut the file down to less than 25 million!! 

We then ran a program that contained 150+ keywords to 
remove addresses with vulgarity, profanity, sex-related 
names, postmaster, webmaster, flamer, abuse, spam, 
etc...Also we  eliminated all .edu, .mil., org., gov., etc...
After that list was run against the remaining list, it
reduced it down to near 16 million addresses!

So, you see, our list will save people hundreds of 
dollars buying all others that are out there on  CD. Using
ours will be like using the 100+ million that we started with, 
but a lot less money and a lot less time!

If you order "The Internet Success Toolbox" for $395.00
within the next 7 days, you'll also receive the following 
awesome bonuses absolutely FREE. 
A value of over $600.00 !!!

To order: 

____ YES!  I'm bursting with anticipation!  Please send me "The 
Internet Success Toolbox" so I can start advertising my business to 
"millions of people" - absolutely FREE!  I'm anxious to see how others 
are creating immediate "cash-flow explosions", and eliminating most of  
their advertising and marketing costs - and how I can do the same!  
Enclosed is $395.

____ YES AGAIN!  Because I'm responding within 7 days, I will receive 
6 BONUSES with a total value of $663.90 - absolutely FREE!  They include: 

BONUS #1 ($39 value): "Search Engine Secrets" - Discover the Most 
Powerful and Proven Strategies that really work to place you at the Top of
the Search Engines!

BONUS #2 ($195 value): A FREE one year subcription to "The Internet
Success Toolbox Newsletter" - my ticket to marketing and 
internet cash flow heaven!  

BONUS #3 ($39.95 value): Your Hotline List of "7000 Free Classified 
Ad Sites on the Internet" - a virtual GOLDMINE!  

BONUS #4 ($19.95 value): A FREE Special Report titled "How to Put Your 
Business on Automatic Pilot and Turn Your Marketing System Into a 
Predictable, Turnkey, Cash-Flow Machine That Keeps on Working - Even 
When You Don't!!"  
BONUS #5 ($195 value): Unlimited technical support.  Even though 
"The Internet Success Toolbox"  will be simple to use, it's great to 
know support is always available - if and when you really need it!  
And last but not least . . . .

BONUS #6 ($175 value): Order within 7 days and I'll also throw in a 
FREE VACATION CERTIFICATE good for 3 days and 2 nights of FREE 
lodging at one of over 30 "premier" resorts.

Some vacation spots you can choose from include: Hawaii; Orlando, 
FL; Las Vegas; Atlantic City; Palm Springs; Aruba - in the South Carribean;
Cancun, Mexico; and many, many more!

Hey, when you start making a TON of money, you'll wanna do some 
celebrating, won't you? So start packing those bags!

That's it. A lot more than you bargained for isn't it?

When you total all the goodies up, you're looking as a total value of 
$663.90! All yours - absolutely FREE - with your purchase of our amazing
 package  "The Internet Success Toolbox " for only $395.00.

And I'll even pay for shipping your package. You can have it in days. And 
start making money THE VERY SAME DAY!

Anyway, I have a copy right here on my desk reserved for you. All I need 
is your go ahead and I'll rush it out to you along with your 6 FREE BONUSES.	

___Yes, Also send me info on obtaining a Merchant Account so that I can take
credit cards for my business.

___I am interested in becoming a re-seller for your company. Please send 
re-seller information.

 Name _____________________________________________________

Street Address ____________________________________________


Phone # (_____) ___________________________  

Fax # (______) _____________________

E-mail Address _________________________

___Visa  ___MasterCard


Account Number_____________________

Expiration Date____________________

I understand that all sales are final.


To order by check:

Tape or paste your check here
Fax it to us at: (425)379-9722
You do not need to send a hard copy of your check.
The fax is all we need.

(We are able to perform this service using our
Check Deposit System Software)


* Orders by Credit Card are shipped IMMEDIATELY.
  Fax completed order form to: (425) 379-9722

* Orders by personal, business or credit card CHECK are shipped in 7-10 
  business days.

  shipped IMMEDIATELY. Mail to: 
                       11014 19th Ave SE Suite 305 
                       Everett, WA 98208.
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