1998-05-25 - Want to Advertise? Bulk Friendly Hosting? We Have It!!

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From: huihienii21@msn.com
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From: huihienii21@msn.com
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 16:34:38 -0700 (PDT)
To: huihienii21@msn.com
Subject: Want to Advertise? Bulk Friendly Hosting? We Have It!!
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                              Express Mail Server & MORE!!!   

The Next Genereration in Mass Emailers, Completely bypass your ISP's email server and send out your email     
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Mail is delivered instantaneously,  This incredible mail engine actually hand delivers the message from     
your computer into the recipients mail system. No delay; message literally travels right to its destination.     
Guaranteed delivery Every single last one of your messages gets delivered!  Message goes     
directly from your computer to your recipients mail system.       
Personalize messages, Automatically inserts recipients name in the  body or your letter for a     
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Unbelievably FAST !!  This new technology uses a multithreaded process to connect directly     
with your recipients mail system!  Express Mail will send up to 80,000 messages per hour with a 28.8     
modem (even faster with ISDN and T-1) and every single message will be individually placed in your     
recipients mail system instantaneously!     
Randomizing option allows you to break through any filters.  This is a necessity to get mail through to AOL members.  Create your messages in the built-in word processor.  It has everything you need including spell check and color!  Customization feature allows you to personally create your  program.  This will single-handedly generate additional sales for you and your     
clients.  You'll love this feature!     
                              Windows 95 or higher     
                                   8 MB RAM     
                             486 or faster processor     
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