1998-06-05 - twa 800, semiconductors & internet, polyforth & Java

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From: bill payne <billp@nmol.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 08:21:31 -0700 (PDT)
To: kalliste@aci.net>
Subject: twa 800, semiconductors & internet, polyforth & Java
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Friday 6/5/98 9:11 AM

J Orlin Grabbe

Albuquerque Journal w 6/3/98

  TWA 800 Explosion Not on 'High Seas'

  NEW YORK - A judge said Tuesday that the TWA 800 explosion did not
occur on the "high seas," a
  ruling that could make victim eligible for additional money in their
lawsuit. against the       airline and the aircraft manufacturers. ...

http://www.aci.net/kalliste/navy800.htm and other electronic articles on
TWA 800 at http://www.aci.net/kalliste/

Albuquerque Journal f 6/5/98

  Motorola To Cut 15,000 Jobs

  No Word of Impact In Albuquerque

  The Associated Press
  CHICAGO -  Motorola Inc., struggling to weather the Asian economic
crisis, said  
  Thursday it is  eliminating 15,000 jobs over the coming 12 months.
  Profits plunged 45 percent to !180 million ...

But in the same issue

  Chip Sales Expected to Rebound

  Semiconductor Group Predicts Double-Digit Growth in 1999

  The Associated Press

  SAN JOSE, Calif.  Asia's weak economies, a slow-down in personal
computer sales and 
  an overabundance of memory chips will push own semiconductor sales
nearly 2 percent this
  year, according to an industry group.
    But those troubles are expected to ease in the second half of 1998,
boosting sales and       returning the industry to double-digit growth
next year and beyond, the Semiconductor Industry   Association said. 
    "Thanks to the unprecedented growth of Internet usage, we now expect
the industry's       expansion to occur in 1999 as semiconductor growth
rates return to their historical averages    of 17 percent or more,"
said SIA president George Scalise. ...

John Young

Albuquerque Journal f 6/5/98

  India, Pakistan Nuke Claims Exaggerated, Scientists Say
  By David S. Cloud
  Chicago Tribune
  WASHINGTON -  American scientists monitoring remote sites where India
and Pakistan detonated    nucleardevices sharply question public claims
by both nations about the size and number of      weapons tested.
    Scientists examining seismic data on the tests, picked up at
monitoring stations around the   globe, say that both India and Pakistan
have exaggerated the explosive power of the       detonations and
perhaps even the total number of devices tested.  The Clinton
administration    has similar doubts about the claims by the South Asian
    Pakistani officials apparently disconnect a seismic monitor that
would have given outsiders   more precise data about their tests.  And
two nuclear devices that India claimed to have set    off were not
detected by a single  known seismic monitor station anywhere in the
world. ...
    The gap between the claims and the seismic data suggests that the
test may not have gone as   well as each side announced, said experts
interviewed by the Chicago Tribune.
    The discrepancies in monitoring data prove ammunition for some
critics of an international    test-ban treaty. These critics argue that
the lack of data for India's announced second round   of nuclear weapons
tests calls into question whether clandestine nuclear test can be    
accurately monitored. ...

Jim Durham, Sandia's seismic CTBT project leader
http://jya.com/da/whpda.htm, told me that the coupling [impendance
match?] between the bomb and the surrounding ground had much to do with
what a seismic station receives.

Lastly, and what I think is the most important, Albuquerque Journal f

  USS Yorktown Found
  Explorer Located Titanic Wreck

  By Randolph E. Schmidt

  The Associated Press

  WASHINGTON -  Three miles under water, the USS Yorktown's four-barrel
anti-aircraft gun still   aims skyward 56 years after the aircraft
carrier went to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a     victim of the
Battle of Midway.
    Photos and video of the giant ship, sitting upright on the ocean
floor, were unveiled       Thursday by Robert Ballard, the undersea
explorer who found the wrecks of the Titanic and the   German battleship


REASON is that Ballard uses PolyForth 


in the submersible robots, Jeff Allsup of Woods Hole told me. 

Allsup downloaded ALL of the code and documentation from my Forth

book from Vesta in Colorado at 1,200 bps. 

Allsup told me this took several days.

This is same software technology  which is used for the US satellite
program. http://groucho.gsfc.nasa.gov/forth/

Java http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/meyer/jvmref/ appears also to be a byte
threaded code

Let's hope for settlement of the unfortunate matter so that we can all
got on to other constructive projects.

I would like to do some more with  


and revise


for the 80C32 communicating over ieee 1284 ecp to a Windows PC.