1998-06-01 - Re: I need a compiler!

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From: one4evil@juno.com (Nalus Optic)
To: J-Dog@Elitehackers.org
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UTC Datetime: 1998-06-01 23:17:09 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:17:09 -0700 (PDT)

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From: one4evil@juno.com (Nalus Optic)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:17:09 -0700 (PDT)
To: J-Dog@Elitehackers.org
Subject: Re: I need a compiler!
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>who says I am socalled "elite"?

Gee, your 'handle' is J-Dog...And your sending your mail through
EliteHackers.org...Very original...I think have been to your web site
once or twice...The EliteHackers.org that is...

>WOW.. A dual PII 266... then you will really be elite... because you
>know.. if you have a fast machine, you don't ahve to know shit.. you can
>just  fake it.. because your machine will cover up for you..... fuqin

First...I am not a hacker and don't pretend to be...I phreak a little and
like phones and shit...I subscribe to Telecom Digest and just like to
play with phones...I like to blow shit up for fun so you could say I am a
pyro...I got five bitches on my dick so you could call me a pimp...But I
never said I was a hacker...I just like to know about how shit
works...And in order to exploit any system, for fun or money or super
3l33t props, you gots to know the system...I want to put linux on my
system because linux does have bugs and quirks and you have to know how
to do more than click a mouse button for the shit to work.

>bwhahahhaha....if you can not detect the sarcasm in here, then damn, you
>are a bigger idiot than I thought..... geez man..

Ya, sure...Sarcasm...You laugh at me but dude...William is to busy with
Netscape trying to dick him up the ass for me to call him again...

>> And you know this...MAN!  I am wanting to write my own supper
>> want to take all the good h/p/v/c apps out there and make a nice point
> >and click interface for them all...one in linux and one in win (
>> the mac people... ) Put it all on a CD and send free copies to all the
>> cool hackers out there...Sort of a library O' chaos...Of coarse, I
>> not send one to just anyone...r00t would get a copy...I would send
Eric B
>> one just for kicks...Then I would send one to Death Vegi and the rest
>> the cDc...They got the cool philes....Anywhoo...Let me know who bill
>Good Yogi, and while your att it, stop world Hunger, Racism, and poverty
>with your uberhacker program...

Again, you laugh at me for sarcasm....

But back to the real problem...yes, gcc would be ideal...How ever...I am
not running Linux as of yet...so do you or any of you know any OTHER
WINDOWS BASED COMPILERS that are worth a shit...I know it is a stretch
but god...

And J-Dog, what is up with the fucked up lingo...This ain't the movies...

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