1998-08-15 - Creating Wealth in America (36370)

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From: "3syute65259@sjoki.uta.fi" <3syute65259@sjoki.uta.fi>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 11:13:04 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Creating Wealth in America (36370)
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Creating Wealth In America

>From the desk of Robert Allen, The Author of 2 Mega Best-Sellers,
Nothing Down and Creating Wealth in America.

San Diego, California
11:29 P.M.

"I can't sleep until I get this off my chest."
"I'm extremely frustrated."

Odds are that nine out of ten people who receive this letter will discard it
a second thought.  Yet, I know that I have discovered a secret that could
your financial life forever!  And I'm willing to share it with you for FREE.

     Do you want to end your money pressures forever?
     Do you want to double your income?
     Do you want to build an extra stream of income quickly?

If you answered yes, then let me show you how you can begin living your
this year before it's too late.  I'll get right to the point.

As it says on the letterhead, my name is Robert Allen.  I'm famous for my two
#1 New 
York Times best-selling books.  Nothing Down and Creating Wealth in America.
are lots of millionaires who credit their success to one of  my books or
seminars.  So 
when I share this secret with you, I want you to know that I've done my
Here it comes.

I have discovered what I believe is the perfect home-based business.

Although I'm well known for real-estate investment books and seminars, this
new business has absolutely nothing to do with real-estate.  In fact, it's
much easier 
and far less risky.
It involves:

-No employees
-Little risk
-Little start up cash
-It's so simple, anyone can do it

You could be earning $1,000 a week in as little as 90 days.  One person I know
went  from zero to $3,000 a week in 60 days.  That's $150,000 a year extra, 
hassle-free income!

In my 20 years of research, I can honestly say, "I've never seen a faster,
easier way to 
create a stream of income".

I know this sounds too good to be true.  Frankly, I didn't believe it myself
at first.  Finally, I agreed to check it out.  As a test, I selected a small
group of people and introduced them 
to this incredible opportunity.   Almost immediately, many of them started
earning profits.  Within a week, many were earning incomes of $4,000 per month
in net cash flow.  Now, some of them are cashing checks for $3,000 a week.
And this is just the beginning!  Their earning potential could be unlimited!

Would you like to learn how to do that?  I'd love to show you how.  
But only if you're interested enough to make one telephone call.  
The number to call immediately is 1-888-572-3714.  
It's a 3-minute, 24-hour recorded message.  
This may be the answer you have been seeking.


Robert G. Allen

P.S.  I want to show you how to create extra streams of income quickly.
         Go to the phone and call now 1-888-572-3714.