1998-08-25 - illegitimate America

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From: attila <attila@hun.org>
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From: attila <attila@hun.org>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:48:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: illegitimate America
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    I heard Clinton's voice for the first time -really- at the barbershop 
    on Wed. I thought he was labeled a great speaker --his accent is one 
    thing, but the resonance I expected was more nasal and hard (despite
    the fact he was on the attack). 

    one thing was immediately apparent from his body language --mean,
    a wounded jackal, and the ominous signs of a dirty fighter just below 
    the surface. he should have been a circus barker or patent medicine

    I dont remember what Clinton said as it was just the usual accusations 
    of persecution. a made for TV president? I suppose, when you consider 
    what TV, the potentially great teacher, degenerated to: nothing
    more than bread and circi, gladiators and moral decadence. the average
    six year old has seen 2,000 murders, many of the graphic --and then
    we wonder why the current generation has no concept of the value
    of life, or that death and sex are easy and maybe interchangeable?

    I read part of Clinton's text --no speech writer in Washington, even 
    the real slime-balls, even James Carville, would, on camera, skirt the 
    whole issue, not even admitting to the concept of a sexual affair; 
    dismissing the faked apology in 30 seconds and then spending 3 1/2 
    minutes in a fierce, partisan, false-premise attack on Starr.
    there was a NYTimes story on Jordon.  apparently Jordon dropped
    a bomb with the grand jury stating he had been deceived by Clinton.
    likewise, Betty Currie hung him out to dry and that she had been
    used. Jordon was not willing to take the fall for Slick Willie, or
    even be a part of deception. Jordon has been around too long, and
    is a respected part of the Washington legal crowd (well, as 
    respectable as lawyers can ever be...).  Betty Currie, black, is
    known as a Christian, righteous and dependable, the last stop before
    the boss for years --she came with Clinton from Arkansas.

    that man is dangerous....

    Ambrose Evans-Price is back in Washington --I suppose for the kill;
    expect him to really start digging again to finish his prior work.

    Bubba is a 3 year old who has had a toy (which he stole from a 2
    year old) taken away from him, and is truculently throwing his
    tantrum as if his g_d-given rights to rape, pillage, and burn were
    being trampled.

    I have subscribed to the oft stated presumption that Clinton is
    an illegitimate Rockefeller --Lawrence, Winthrop's brother. Hot
    Springs and the countless door openings. the story of a William
    Blake, a traveling salesman, was pure swamp-water; they picked 
    Blake since he was dead --remember the second half-brother
    (paternal) which turned up right after election whose mother 
    actually was married to Blake --sure like to see a DNA comparison. 

    As a pure Poor Southern White (trailer) Trash, Clinton would never 
    have been given the opportunities he received. Bubba has the strange 
    mix of the trailer trash he really is and the connections of the 
    Rockefellers. Clinton is not the only extremely intelligent 
    child to grow up in an Arkansas trailer park, but he is probably is
    the only one to do more than wear his CAT or Mack cap backwards.

    my friend, foreign correspondent Eric Margolis said yesterday:

	A number of readers have reminded me I predicted four years 
        ago Clinton would be undone by personal scandals in his second
        term.  I didn't need a crystal ball.  Having observed Clinton's
        career since he followed me by two years at Georgetown University,
        I knew he was a ruthlessly ambitious politician, whose utter lack
        of honesty, character, or honor would one day bring him low.

    consider the book Primary Colors, of which (joe?) Klein has been
    unmasked as the writer:  it exposes the total lack of character in 
    both Bill and Hillary --total amorality, riding scandal after scandal 
    with plausible denials. affair after affair... and there is a
    white-black child in Australia, but the mother is silent --money or
    fear?  more DNA anyone?

    someone else made the comment that the women consider him a likable
    rogue --soap opera. Clinton plays the women like violins, pressing
    all the hot buttons of the 25-45 class and they give him a 20-25%
    edge, a figure quoted by many polls and, of course, it was enough 
    to dump "just plain ol' dull George".

    Margolis made another interesting (and obvious) comment:

    	Far from the wronged, last-to-know wife, Hillary Clinton is an
	Arkansas Lady Macbeth. She is the guiding force behind the Clinton
	presidency, who accepts her husband's sleazy infidelities as a
	price of power.  Mrs Clinton's ardent left-liberal views did not
	deter her from taking $100,000 in commodity payoffs from big
	business, spearheading the Whitewater land fraud, hiding documents
	from government investigators, terrorizing White House employees,
	or amassing illegal files on Republicans.

    nothing we have not known, but better stated.

    a way of life... can you even consider the Clintons a dysfunctional
    family?  --it's more like something out of Charles Adams. Angela
    Houston played the perfect Hillary, and her sleazy husband fits Bill.

    it makes you wonder about Chelsea. there she was on the tarmac with
    her father, ugly as ever, but up front. she may have looked like
    she had been whupped by an ugly stick (normal), but she sure wasn't
    hiding --how can she return to Stanford this fall? being the daughter
    of a sitting President isn't easy --but Chelsea? (...and we thought
    Amy had a tough time...).

    more Margolis:

	The Clintons haven't yet been caught red-handed because they are
	both lawyers, the curse of modern America.  Both knew precisely
	how to conceal their questionalble dealings behind an impenetrable
	smokescreen of legal ambiguities, how to skirt the law and avoid
	open illegality, to never leave written evidence. That's why the
	Special Prosecutor, Judge Starr, has had such a difficult time in
	untangling the Gordian Knot of the Clinton's finances...

    "...lawyers, the curse of modern America" --yes, the U.S. has honed
    their skill to a new and deeper cesspool, but the lawyers have been
    with us from antiquity --the Pharisees, for instance.

    well, let's see if my 1986 prediction, even before the name Clinton
    burst upon the national political scene, falls into place. Bush could
    very well be the last U.S. president to finish his elected term. any
    way the game plays out now is a potential disaster. Clinton is not
    going to leave office willingly or voluntarily and Hillary's FBI
    files will just be a beginning for the Republicans --even the NYTimes
    and Washington Post will end up looking like the National Enquirer
    in this blood bath.

    a)  impeachment: James Carville will have a field day opening the
	Congressional sewer. Clinton will still be commander-in-chief
	and the U.S. will quickly be in a foreign war which will bring
	actual warfare to the American land. 

        if Al Gore, with his unfolding problems, moves to 1600
        Pennsylvania, the welfare state will roll out of the garage and
        take off --the military falling	into disarray, unprepared and 
        unsupplied to keep the lid on Pax Americana.  America is not
        loved, probably not even by the Brits as they hang in there now 
	since they need the company while they play standoff with the EC.

    b)  assassination: I dont think the country could survive another
	one, and the results following the chaos would be the same.

    c)  accident:  there is a joke running around about Clinton visiting
	a class room and asking if anyone knew what a 'tragedy' was.

	the first child suggested when a friend is run over on a bike.
	Clinton said no, that would be an 'accident'.

	a second child suggested when a school bus went over a cliff.
	Clinton said no, that would be a 'great loss'.

	finally, a child said that a 'tragedy' was if an airplane
	   carrying Bill and Hillary crashed and they were killed.

        Clinton said that yes, that would be a 'tragedy' and asked
	   the child why that would be a 'tragedy'.

	"Simple", said the child, "it wouldn't be an 'accident' and it
	   certainly would not be a 'great loss'".

    this begs the old joke of how do you create a "flood"...?

    Janet Reno has been protecting Al Gore for some several years, but
    the pot is beginning to show foul smelling fistules. the campaign
    funds sleeze which oozes out of that pot will cripple the Democratic 
    party --the fund swapping with the Teamster president's election 
    fund alone is pure racketeering, while the Chinese connections are 
    treasonous.  and the Democrats will retaliate in kind.
    you cant vote the politicians out of office --the inbred
    two-party (supposedly) system is self-sustaining with reformers 
    learning very quickly that reelection is dependent on playing the 
    line, with few notable exceptions.  this collection of power
    hungry thieves drops sleeper legislation into unrelated laws,
    legislation which now brings us a national ID card by fall 2000,
    complete with biometrics, credit record, driving record, criminal
    record, medical record, and whatever else they want to slide in 
    --the mark of the beast is upon us and "the number of the beast
    is six hundred  three score and six". [RV 13:15-18]

    the American people can not win a war against Washington; Clinton and
    friends would not hesitate to use UN troops against American targets;
    and who can supply a rebel army today? is Russia going to help the
    "patriots" with arms and supplies and provide the clandestine
    radio/TV facilities?  besides, Clinton's Gestapo is root out and
    exterminating the militias. militias composed today of only of the
    foolish brave.

    that leaves massive civil disobedience --such as withholding taxes. 
    but joe six pack and friends are never going to accept what that 
    means --the destruction of the U.S. infrastructure and the consequent 
    invasion of America by her "friends" to divvy up the spoils and 
    subjugate what's left of the population --probably less than 50 
    million when the cities collapse and are wasted.

    unfortunately, joe six pack will be trying to tune in another sitcom
    when it all collapses --when the cold beer runs out, he will only
    be confused.

    pessimism? I dont think so.  the question is "when?" 

    the cards are all on the table:  world economics, Islamic jihad 
    (the cruise missiles coalesced the divergent groups into even more
    hatred), irresolvable corruption in virtually all national
    governments: total instability in Russia, the Japanese "house of 
    cards" with a gangster compromised political system which will not
    force the changes required, and China about to pay the piper for
    her financial cronyism.

    the "conspiracy" theorists have no clue. there is no conspiracy.

    it's nothing more than greedy men around the world, in concert 
    with corrupt governments who have taken away any semblance of 
    civilization's morality.

    the worldwide unfunded paper credit is bigger than even the 
    central bankers can even conceive, let alone handle; it is estimated
    that 80% of the float is in paper copies of credit card debt and
    checks traversing the system. a 10% loss is enough to level most
    balance sheet. even Microsoft with its ill-gotten filthy lucre
    could not sustain a 20% write off, or an  80% collapse.

    a global crash this time around will cripple mankind, plunging the 
    globe into starvation and disease as the infrastructure implodes.

    the U.S. is the most vulnerable --how many can be supported in the
    population centers? who survives? probably less than 1% of the 
    urban population --lack of water, food, and sanitation; the last
    is the real killer.  much of the third world lives in squalor;
    but their mortality rate will only be set back 50 years.

    armies move on their stomachs and require enormous supply trains of 
    food and ammo. America settled two European wars (plus the Japanese)
    by being able to feed and arm both our armies and those of of our 

	consider that _one_ production line in Southern California was
        cranking out a new B29 every 30 minutes --48 per day-- that's
        production, and Rosie the Welder. and the knowledge, in wartime 
        Germany, of another B29 every 30 minutes --from one line, was
        was demoralizing as the payloads were devastating.

    you cant do that when your infrastructure is being bombed by the
    continuous flow of more and more U.S. B24s and B29s  --ask Germany.

    and then people wonder why I live in the Intermountain Empire --but
    probably not far enough from its borders.

	attila out...    rant mode off.