1998-08-05 - Jim Bell Latest

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From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1998-08-05 13:40:28 UTC
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From: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 06:40:28 -0700 (PDT)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Jim Bell Latest
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Excerpt from USA v. Jim Bell court docket:

Docket as of August 5, 1998 3:10 am               Pages 7-8

Proceedings include all events.                                   TERMED
3:97cr5270-ALLUSA v. Bell                                         APPEAL

6/22/98  --      DEFENDANT James Dalton Bell  arrested (car)
                 [Entry date 06/24/98]

6/23/98  48      MINUTES of Initial on Prob Revocation:DEW, Dep Clerk:Peter
                 Voelker, AUSA:Robb London, Def Counsel:Peter Voelker, Tape
                 #A473, USPO:Steven McNichols  D' arrested 6/22/98; D' adv
                 of rights; crt appts cnsl; D' adv of allegations in
                 violation petition; Gov't moves for detention this hrg,
                 proceeds, Gov't proffer, D' proffer; D' ORDERED DETAINED;
                 probation revocation hrg set for 11:00 a.m. on  7/10/98
                 before Judge Burgess  D' remanded. (car)
                 [Entry date 06/25/98]

6/23/98  49      ORDER  by Magistrate Judge David E. Wilson  appointing  as
                 the Federal Public Defender for defendant James Dalton Bell
                 (cc:  counsel) (car) [Entry date 06/25/98]

6/30/98  50      MINUTE ORDER by Judge Franklin D. Burgess  that the
                 Probation Revocation hrg is rescheduled to 1:30 p.m. on
                 7/10/98 for James Dalton Bell (cc: counsel, Judge) (car)
                 [Entry date 06/30/98]

7/8/98   --      PROPOSED Supplemental Violations (car) [Entry date 07/08/98]

7/10/98  51      PROBATION PETITION/ORDER by Judge Franklin D. Burgess as to
                 James Dalton Bell re: Supplemental Violations  (cc:
                 counsel, Judge, USPO) (car) [Entry date 07/10/98]

7/15/98  52      MINUTE ORDER  by Judge Franklin D. Burgess ;  probation
                 revocation hrg continued to 9:00 7/31/98 for James Dalton
                 Bell (cc:  counsel, Judge) (km) [Entry date 07/15/98]

7/16/98  53      AMENDED MINUTE ORDER  by Judge Franklin D. Burgess ;
                 probation revocation hrg scheduled for 9:00 7/31/98 for
                 James Dalton Bell (cc:  counsel, Judge) (km)
                 [Entry date 07/16/98]

7/22/98  54      SUBSTITUTION OF COUNSEL on behalf of USA  Robert Louis
                 Jacob London terminating attorney Annmarie Levins for USA
                 (car) [Entry date 07/22/98]

7/31/98  55      MINUTES of Supervised Release Violations:FDB, Dep Clerk:B
                 Kay McDermott, AUSA:Rob London, Def Counsel:Peter Avenia,
                 CR:J Ryen  probation revocation hrg held Cnsl pres. Mr.
                 Bell pres in custody.  Court adv D' of charges.  D' enters
                 NOT GUILTY to violations 1,4,5,6, & 7 (violations 2 & 3 MOOT
                 as penalties are paid).  D' cnsl states for the record that
                 D' feels the Gov't is engaging in spying on him as a private
                 citizen and and requests that the Court conduct an
                 investigation into this activity; D' feels the conditions of
                 supervised release are unconstitutional. Mr. London advises
                 the court that no survelillance has been conducted on Mr.
                 Bell.  Court rules this hrg will proceed on the violations
                 charges only, D' concerns should be addressed in other
                 action.  Court inquires of cnsl if psychological evaluation
                 is required, D' cnsl adv the cour that D' does not feel this
                 hrg should proc because of his prior stated concerns of the
                 Gov't spying and conspiracy against him. D' request add'l
                 time to prep.  RECESS. D' cnsl adv the Court that D' not
                 prep to proc today, D' requests month continuance, D' cnsl
                 disagrees w/client's strategy. D' cnsl adv the Court mental
                 health eval may be approp. Gov't objs. Court adv parties
                 that mental health eval will be ordered. D' adv the Court he

                 wants investigation of Gov't actions. Court adv D' mental
                 health eval ordered.  Court orders Gov't to prep approp
                 order, iss of Mr. Avenia cont as cnsl will be addr. D'
                 remanded pending eval. (car) [Entry date 08/03/98]
                 [Edit date 08/03/98]

8/3/98   --      LODGED ORDER directing commitment of D' to submit to a
                 competency exam (car) [Entry date 08/04/98]

End Docket as of August 5, 1998 3:10 am