1998-08-05 - Re: Jim Bell Latest

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From: attila <attila@hun.org>
To: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
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Raw Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:47:02 -0700 (PDT)

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From: attila <attila@hun.org>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:47:02 -0700 (PDT)
To: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Re: Jim Bell Latest
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On Wed, 5 Aug 1998, John Young reported

>Excerpt from USA v. Jim Bell court docket:
    lots of deletions.

>Docket as of August 5, 1998 3:10 am               Pages 7-8
>                 Bell.  Court rules this hrg will proceed on the violations
>                 charges only, D' concerns should be addressed in other
>                 action.  Court inquires of cnsl if psychological evaluation
>                 is required, D' cnsl adv the cour that D' does not feel this
>                 hrg should proc because of his prior stated concerns of the
>                 Gov't spying and conspiracy against him. D' request add'l
>                 time to prep.  
    IM!SHO, Jim is committing the ultimate faux pas in federal court --the
    issue of 'conspiracy' as it implies the judge is part of the conspiracy.
    of course, I dont consider the issues as conspiracy anyway --they are
    nothing more than a government abusing its powers and the fact the
    citizens have abrogated their own rights by failing to make government

>		  RECESS. D' cnsl adv the Court that D' not
>                 prep to proc today, D' requests month continuance, D' cnsl
>                 disagrees w/client's strategy. D' cnsl adv the Court mental
>                 health eval may be approp. 
    the wonders of a public defender...  Kaczinski's lawyer pulled the same
    abuse of privilege (except again IM!SHO, TZ outsmarted them all as even
    in his apparent paranoia driven state, his powers of logic were stil
    present --and there is reason to doubt his implied state of insanity
    in so much as his notebooks showed bitterness and a bloodthirsty desire
    for violent retribution.

    OTH, Bell definetly lacks sophistication, or a reasonable sense of
    logic; if there is a mental illness issue, it is not the place of Bell's
    attorney to overrule his client's wishes --Bell is entitled to be the

    but even worse, sliding into the federal prison systems psychiatric t
    evaluation program is a one way ticket --all bets are off, and all
    sentence termination dates are off-- release is at the whim of the
    government. if, for instance, Jim is sent to Springfield (MO) or 
    Rochester (MN), the cell blocks are essential solitary confinement 
    rows --if you werent nuts when you arrived, you are or will be...

    Jim's attorney may have been well meaning by asking for help of Jim,
    but he sure as hell did not do him any favours.

>		  Gov't objs. Court adv parties
>                 that mental health eval will be ordered. 

>                 D' adv the Court he
>                 wants investigation of Gov't actions. 
    still whipping a dead horse.  Jim's AP essays were not an evidence
    of insanity- a little asinine, but certainly not insane rantings.
    many members of the list can say: "there but for the grace of (insert
    your favourite whatever), go I."

>                 Court adv D' mental
>                 health eval ordered.  
    exactly to form...

>		  Court orders Gov't to prep approp
>                 order, iss of Mr. Avenia cont as cnsl will be addr. D'
>                 remanded pending eval. (car) 
    this is one of the travesties of the Public Defender system; Jim will
    be evaLuated only by the US Prison system (which has a vested interest
    in maintain the numbers (despite the current 24% overcrowding figure I
    saw quoted the other day).

    there will be no report actually representing Jim's or his families
    interests.  there will be no period when an outside investigator can
    evaluate Jim when he can be absolutely sure the government has not
    loaded him with Thorazine 

    an undiseased mind looking out through the haze of Thorazine must be
    terrorizing; the victim clawing at the walls of the cranium --or so
    it was described to me by my Tourettes' Syndrome victim son who was
    given same in an acute facility  --I had been in hospital with 
    bronchial infections and did not see him until two weeks later at
    the resident school I arranged-- absolutely terrifying; the Haldol
    was discontinued immediately; absolutely unbelievable what it did

    prisons and other institutions love Thorazine class drugs for 
    troublemakers --instant passivity, and in Jim's case, an obvious
    means of declaring him criminally insane which is a life sentence
    in the federal system, one way or another.

    I wish Jim luck, he needs it; I dont agree with his "politics", but
    I also do agree with their punishment of his inadequacies and childish

> 		  [Entry date 08/03/98]
>                 [Edit date 08/03/98]
>8/3/98   --      LODGED ORDER directing commitment of D' to submit to a
>                 competency exam (car) [Entry date 08/04/98]

	attila out...

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