1998-08-12 - One Nation update: Small Business Policy and Four Corners

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Subject: One Nation update: Small Business Policy and Four Corners
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Dear One Nation supporter in NSW

Small Business policy:

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Small Business policy will be released on the
Internet at 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time today. (Media embargo until

We would encourage you to please visit the page with the policy document
which has the main thrust of:

Giving small business priority over large business where possible. This
includes  forcing big corporations and multinationals to pay their fair
share of our tax burden etc....

The link will be from the main One Nation page at:

the summary small business policy will be at:

after 2pm.

Please print out and circulate this policy document as far and as wide as
you can so that you can assist us in counter-acting the obvious media
distortions that will follow.


Four Corners report last Monday:

We apologise for the incorrect statement that we gave you in our last post
last week when we said: 

"On Monday night (10th August) the ABC's Four Corners programme will be
looking at One Nation and the media." 

It appears that the rules of engagement were changed once again by the media
in a report headed "Inside One Nation". 

The writer was personally interviewed for 3 hours by reporter Tony Jones at
his office to discuss the (to quote Jones) "The blatant misreporting by the
media on One Nation." The writer was clearly told that the ABC report was to
be along these lines - thus our statement last week. None of the interview
with the writer was used in the report - you can draw your own conclusions.

We can only assume that the ABC's Four Corners program have, in this case,
joined Channel 9's 60 Minutes program in slanted reporting against the party.

You might recall Mr Brendan Bogle the 25 year old ex-President of Petrie
branch was one of many who made negative and incorrect statements about One
Nation on the Four Corners report. Bogle this week told the media that
"there would be a mass desertion of 200 One Nation members from Petrie
branch to the Nationals". 

Last night 5 One Nation members attended "his" branch meeting. Not all
joined the National Party -  who were represented there by Senator Boswell.
When questioned why the other 200 had not attended Bogle told the media that
they had been "intimidated".
This is blatantly untrue. They did not support him nor his inflammatory
comments made on Four Corners on Monday.

We would ask that you be aware of the bias in some reports and consider what
the real agenda is behind some of the reporting seen on the screen and in
the papers today.


Scott Balson