1998-08-13 - Deaf Cons 5.9.3

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From: toto@fhouse.org
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 08:15:38 -0700 (PDT)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Deaf Cons 5.9.3
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Rob Brezsny''s Horoscopes / Week of August 6-12:

Taurus (APRIL 20-MAY 20):Some Jews regard their

houses as a more sacred place of worship than the

synagogue. Many pagans feel no need to confine their

celebrations to any special building, but offer their prayers

to the earth and sky. Several Zen Buddhists I've known

have claimed they're as likely to find enlightenment while

microwaving a burrito under the flourescent lights of a

convenience store as when meditating on a straw mat in a

monastery. In the spirit of these seekers, Taurus, I exhort

you to look for divine inspiration in both the strangest and

most familiar places this week--anywhere other than where

it's "supposed" to be.

  Since I have been OfficiallyExhorted to seek divine inspiration

in "both the strangest and familiar places," I guess this is as good

a time as any to KILL two LarryBirds with one WindowPaneStone, and

seek DivineInspiration in a place that is both strange and familiar

to me--TheOtherSideOfMadness (TM).

  Since my efforts to SaveTheLifeOfAMillionSingleInnocentChildren,

by going to great lengths to research and deal with my various

physical/mental/emotional infirmities to the best of my ability,

have been constantly thwarted by a variety of Officially Recognized

Authorities who have taken it upon themselves to steal and/or deny

me access to the tools and techniques that I use to minimize the

effects of my dsyfuntions and disabilities, I think it is time to

submit to the wishes of the Controllers and cease all efforts to

attempt to exercise control over my dysfunctionality in a manner

that has proven successful, for the most part, to date.

  Accordingly, I hereby serve notice that "I Quit!"

  Since the Contollers seem to find it unacceptable for me to

release the tension that builds in my psyche by screaming the

Truth (TM) about the Villainous Nature of Mounties trained in

the use of ArmedViolence casually slaughtering a FirstNations

mother and the young child clinging to her skirt, for no apparent

reason other than a lack of incentive to resolve a conflict peacefully,

given the fact that whacking out a WagonBurnerBitch and her Future

Young GlueSniffer will inevitably be found justifiable by his RCMP

BumBuddies during their investigation of his murder, then I will no

longer do so.

  Instead, I will just let the SenseOfInjustice ferment inside of me.

  Since Lost Wages LEA's deem it necessary for me to remove the chains

securing my baggage in the back of my truck, in order to chain my dog

'legally' outside of my truck (where it is five degrees hotter than

inside the truck, since I am willing to go without food to provide

her with enough blocks of ice to provide her with comfort and safety),

thus enabling their local junkies to go through my possessions and

steal all of my medications, then far be it from me to go against their

wishes for me to drift into unmedicated savagery rather than disobey 

the letter of laws written by Imbeciles who aren't half as smart as

my dog, Baby, who immediately jumped back into the truck through the

open window, dragging the chain with her, wondering why the fuck these

uniformed Idiots expected her to lay on hot concrete instead of a

nice, cool block of ice.

(I urge you, at your next local, state and federal elections, to

 vote for Baby as a WriteInCandidate. In her recent TV debate with

Buddy, the FirstDog, Baby told him, "I *knew* Lassie...and you're no


  Since files pulled off of the RCMP and various other Canadian Government

computer systems indicate their desire to apply pressure to me while I

am in a state of under-medication they might find this an opportune

time to once again engage in their spurious activities (all the time

wearing KevlarJackets while keeping their fingers crossed that I will

vent my PsychoticWrath in the directions suggested by the Bienfait

Nutly News "KILL The Children!!!" Special, rather in their directionO.

  In effect, given the apparent unacceptability of my attempting to

control the effects of my disabilities with my own time-proven

tools and techiques, I will cease doing so, and allow the Controllers

to accept the responsibility of providing me with the medicatopms amd

tools needed to keep my dysfuntionality from becoming a problem to


  Given the recent massive amounts of concern expressed about disabled

individuals such as the gentleman who shot his way into the Hallowed

Halls of the US Legislature building in DC, one might think that my

future attempts to have the Controllers provide me with medication and

health care, in order to help me to prevent my disability from causing

unwanted consequences to the society that I live in, might be met

with joyful enthusiasm.

  Right...and I've got some OceanFrontPropertyInTucsonArizona that

has a 1500 mile sandy beach bordering on the Pacific Ocean...

  Congressmen...Smoke 'em if you got 'em...

[Final Note From The Author:If Defcon McCullagh Chainsaw was half the

ReportWhore he claims to be, he wouldn't have to ask me, "Why do you

send your missives to the CypherPunks list?"

The answer, "Because I am a CypherPunk." is the *short* answer.

What it implies, in essence, is that the CypherPunks Distributed

Mailing List is a DigitalGlobalCommunity which reflects what the

InterNet Communities of the Future *should* be.

GeoPhysicallyLocated MeatSpace Communities may reflect the convergence

of people with similar lifestyles and values, for the most part, but

they do not consist of BlackSmith communities in which only BlackSmiths

live, etc.

Just as a foundling country known as the United States of America was

built around the idea of Freedom&Democracy in which the Citizenry was

deemed to have the right to live according to a wide variety of lifestyles,

with diverse religious and secular beliefs, a CypherPunks list that

was founded in the interests of promoting Encryption, Privacy and

Freedom would be a stark landscape, indeed, if it were only occupied

by individuals with a narrow range of attitudes, mindsets, and perceptive


Tim May commented in a post, at one point, that the list was poorer for

the current absence of some of the more statist nay-sayers to the more

common CypherPunks views and positions, particularly those who brought

a modicum of thought and reason to their posts to the list. I enjoyed

firing cynical, acidic salvos at Kent Crispin as much as anyone else on

the list did, but I regarded him as a valuable member of the CypherPunks

community--one who caused me, more than once, to recognize the value

of concepts and ideas that ran contrary to my normal way of viewing

life around me.

Dr. Dimitri Vulis, ShitDisturberExtraordinaire, provided one of the

most poignant moments in CypherPunks History by interpreting his forced

unsubscribing from the list as censorship, and routing around it. I hope

that John Gilmore, one of the premiere contributors to the existence

of the CypherPunks Legendary Lunacy Collective, eventually looked in 

the mirror one morning and said, "Boy, am I a SillyAss, or what?"

Even the list members who bore us with that mathematical crap, showing

off just because they can count to 21 without taking off their mittens

and their shoes, and pulling out their Dick, contribute to the list, by

making us look good in the eyes of those who mistakenly believe that

there are more important things in life than discussing Ebonics and

pissing all over each other and ourselves.

And where else can a WannaBeNuclearSuitcaseMadBomber ask a simple

question like, "Where do I connect the 'yellow' wire?" and get a

thirty-post thread discussing PlutoniumDecayRates.

Is it any wonder that Robert Hettinga *loves* this list?

In closing, let me remind you that:

"Lassie kills chickens!"

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."

"He who shits on the road will meet flies upon his return."

~The Author]