1998-08-10 - Marie Phillips

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From: MariePhillips@counternet.com.centralnet.ch
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:40:30 -0700 (PDT)
To: Friend@public.com
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When not now, when? My whole life I was OVERWEIGHT and started dieting with 13 years. Since then I hungered, suffered and punished myself.
But I never lost more than a few pounds. After I started eating regularly I gained the pounds back or even more. You know what I am talking about, 'cause it
happened to you too! If you are not overweight (but 57% of the Americans are) delete this message. 

Eight months ago I started my new life, a healthy life. I finally lost all the fat and gained lean muscle mass. In fact, in 3 month I slashed my bodyfat more than in half and I am now down
to 12% (for women 10-13% is ideal) 

STOP DREAMING!!! They will never invent a miracle drug, which makes you loose all your fat. In fact, forget about the shakes, nasty soups, fat absorb pills, hours of Aerobic, hunger and
depression. You have to feed your body to lose fat. If you do not feed your body it will fight back and store the fat and you gain more. You don't believe me? You know it is true, it happened to you too.

I created a program with help from scientists and doctors to help all of YOU lose the fat for once and for all. You will eat more than ever but you have to use the plan! It is not
the meat and shrimp and fish what's bad for you but the carbohydrates. You can still eat your favorite food like steaks, fish, and chicken, vegetable etc.etc. You don't have to count
calories, that's not important. It is the way you eat and feed your body. But you will have to eat SIX times a day!

This program also lowers your bloodsugar, cholesterol level and bloodpressure in just 30 days. Again, you will lose fat guaranteed. If you are not seeing a change in and on your body and your friends don't 
react, and your spouse doesn't think you look terrific within 90 days, I will refund your money less S&H.

After you lost all the fat you wanted to get rid-off and send me a nice thank-you note with a picture "before and after" of you, I will send you a special gift.
The program includes also email address and my phonenumber, if you ever need help or have questions.

I have to charge you for the program otherwise you'll order it and put it away and forget about it. The booklet will be in stores late this year for 69.95. I give it to you for
ONLY 29.95. You have to order now, because there is only a limited quantity on hand. Send check to the following address. OR, print out this email, attach the check on the printout and fax it to 1 561 615 3717.





Phone:__________________________________ (optional) 

Print this email out, attach your personal or business check and fax it to: 1 561 615 3717

Or send it to: Marie Crystal
6901 W. Okeechobee Blvd
Suite D5, # 115
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

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