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From: Friend@greatbiz.net
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 22:14:20 -0700 (PDT)
To: Friend@greatbiz.net
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This is NOT, I repeat, This is not MLM or Chainletter junk!!!


     Those are strong words, I know. But if you're not making at least a TENTH of this every month you need to pay attention because I have an IMPORTANT MESSAGE on how you can make what I'm earning and do it within the next 90 days!!

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 4)	I will let you keep ALL the money you make selling this product!

   You don't need to spend thousands of dollars, bear enormous risk and work hundreds of hours a week to start this legitimate business from your home. 
   In a matter of hours you can start working at HOME, from your KITCHEN TABLE, making from $50 to $1,000 a day!!

	Here is all you will need...

#1. The Hottest Selling Publication In The World Today Called Offshore Special 
      Report Number 5599.
#2. A Copy Machine Or A Quick Copy Service That Can Duplicate OFS's Offshore 
     Special Report.
#3. A Quality Mailing List Or A Local Or National Publication to Run A SIMPLE Four 
     Line Classified Ad!
#4. A Mail Box To Collect The Hundreds Of Orders You Will Be Receiving Everyday - 
     Six Days A Week!
#5  This letter, which you obviously already have, just save it..  	
The Key To Any Business Success Is To Have A Product Or Service Everyone In The World Needs And Wants. That Product Should Be Inexpensive To Produce & Easy To Ship. You Will Have That Product With OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599!!

   OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599 will change peoples lives throughout the world by showing them how they can make and save money by removing themselves from the strict rules, regulations and tax burdens their government has imposed on them in the last few years.    

   BRACE YOURSELF - most people are taken aback by what I am about to tell you regarding OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599.

In OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599 You will find out that...

UNFAIR & DISCRIMINATORY Divorce settlements are made obsolete in this report!
RUTHLESS Creditors will CRINGE if they know you have read this report!
BLOOD SUCKING Lawyers May Go Broke By You Reading This Report!
HEARTLESS Tax agencies see RED when they read this report!
SNEAKY Politicians use the information in this report everyday!
Your GREEDY banker does not want you to read this report!
This report is BLACKBALLED by Most Government Agencies!
BACK STABBING relatives HATE this report!

You will also learn & Or Have Access To...

Ways POLITICIANS & THE RICH get even richer using TRUSTS and HOW you can do the same!

Incorporate offshore - Completely private and away from your government's regulations!

Your own secret offshore mailing address - no one will know your real address.

Offshore private checking account - deposit money and pay your bills from offshore - no paper trails.

Save up to 50% on printing & mail & have your sales material mailed from Jamaica - Are you in the mail order business? Here's a money saving opportunity no one else can offer!

Offshore investors - Do you have a viable funding project?

Offshore tax havens - legally delay or eliminate taxes  - no one knows - not even your government!

Offshore IBC's & Trusts - Asset protection from creditors and your government!    

Offshore Phone answering service - more privacy - more protection!    

Offshore Self-liquidating loans - if structured right, never needs to be paid back!    

High yield offshore investment opportunities - Find out how the rich make from 1% to 4% a week on their money - offshore and tax free - you can do the same!
Offshore visa card regardless of credit - no paper trails - works in any  ATM  worldwide!
Up to 100% financing on residential and commercial property - Hard to place mortgage sources!    
Bill consolidation regardless of credit rating - stop those harassing creditors within days using this credit source!
Lines of credit up to $15,000 regardless of credit - these credit cards are major bankcards!
Secret money - secrecy is a thriving industry - you will have access to these secret money sources!    
With All This Valuable Information In Report number 5599,  Do You See Why It's The Hottest Selling Report In The World Today? This Information Is Not Accessible Just Anywhere! Information Like This Can Not Be Found At Your Local Library. It Is Well Worth $50.00 - In Fact Its Well Worth Thousands Of Dollars By Showing People How They Can Save A Hundred Times That Amount In Taxes Alone! The Best Deal Of All Is That You Will Have FULL REPRINTS RIGHTS  And The Permission To Sell OFS's Offshore special Report Number 5599. YOU Keep ALL The Money!

   Information is the perfect product. It's easy to reproduce, easy to ship and easy to sell especially when it's as powerful as Report #5599. The market is unlimited in that you can sell Report #5599 to anyone, anyplace in the world. The potential is unlimited because there are billions of people throughout the world who need Report #5599 and are being introduced to Report #5599 this minute. Everyone...I mean everyone needs Report #5599....

   People who have a J.O.B. and have "More Month Than Money" - You know "Just over broke" !!
   People who are self-employed - paying that "Self Employment Tax" and are prime candidates for Law suits from every direction!
    People who are sick and tired of frivolous law suits - Did you know that in the U.S. there are 2.67 lawyers for every 1,000 people? Most lawyers are HUNGRY and need to sue someone for any reason to survive! 
    Professional people such as doctors, engineers, technicians, architects, stock- brokers, accountants,and YES even lawyers! - You know those people in the HIGHER THAN AVERAGE tax brakets! 
    People who are getting married or are married and plan on living happily ever after - Now back to reality - the U.S. has a divorce rate that exceeds 60% every year!    
   Partners who want to make sure their partnership is a true 50-50 deal now and in the future!
   People who live in a country that has strict rules and regulations limiting where and how they can run their business and manage their money!
   People who are retired and at the MERCY of their governments' rules concerning Social Security Income and Medical Benefits!
   People who WANT to retire but cannot afford to because of lack of income or the rules forced upon them by their government restricting them from receiving a decent income!
   People who are HIGH audit risks or have been audited by their governments' Dictatorial Tax Agency - You know "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"!  
   People who are paying their government 40% to 60% in taxes and are sick and tired of doing so! 
   People who are close to Bankruptcy and need to find a solution as soon as possible - 20% to 40% of the people in the United States are a paycheck away from Bankruptcy - Yes those people!  
   People who want to make sure their children receive 100% of their inheritance without the government stealing it away!   
   People who need credit and have been turned down through traditional sources, such as their local FRIENDLY bank! 
   People who want to keep their business and personal affairs PRIVATE-Hard to do this day and age with all the computers!  
   People who have the dream of financial independence and want to make thousands a day running their own Home Based Business!
    You must agree with me there is a tremendous market throughout the world; of people who are breathing and paying taxes which are prime candidates for Report #5599!
    Since We Have Determined The Entire World Is A Prime Candidate For Report #5599 Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Sell Report# 5599 working From Your Kitchen Table!    ______________________________________________________________________

   HOLD ON!! How Rude Of Me! I Have Been Talking To You From The beginning of this email, without Officially Introducing Myself!  So let me officially introduce myself - I'm one of several OFS Independent Associates making FIVE DIGITS every month!  I'll be your sponsor - I'm the person who you will pay the $50.00 to and receive Report# 5599! I'm the person who will change your life forever! I'm the person who wants to see you succeed because if you succeed - I succeed!

   I want to make sure YOU succeed and see YOU sell hundreds, even thousands of reports every week. 
   The more you sell the more money I can make! Its' TRUE that you keep ALL of the $50.00 when you sell a report. You pay me NOTHING other than the initial $50.00 for the report - Not one single dollar - you keep it all. Sell only 10 reports a week and make $500 - You keep it all! Sell 100 Reports a week and you make $5,000 - You keep it all! Sell 500 Reports a week and make $25,000 - YOU KEEP IT ALL!!!

   Before I tell you how and why I make money every time you sell a report, let me show you how easy it is to advertise and sell "The Hottest Selling Report In the World" - OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599!.

   This report has been designed to be self-contained with all the marketing concepts on how to sell the report RIGHT INSIDE. In your copy of Report# 5599 you will have access to the following marketing strategies and tools...

   Sample of proven classified ads you can place in local or national publications that will make you FILTHY RICH!
   A POWERFUL photo ready copy of a postcard you can put YOUR name & address on and have the $50.00 sent directly to you - AUTOMATICALLY.  I will show you how you can Print and Mail that Postcard - FIRST CLASS - for as little as Twelve Cents (U.S) Each!

Once you send in your Certificate of Registration from Report#5599 you will also receive...

     Additional DYNAMITE Classified and Display Ads that will generate hundreds, even thousands, of responses guaranteed to fill your mail box with $50.00 orders!

     Places to advertise for as little as seven cents (U.S.) Per word reaching over 73,000,000 People! A co-op advertising program sharing the leads and sales generated from National Television Infomercials!
A Photo Ready Copy of This ORDER PULLING Sales Letter for YOUR use to mail to the respondents of your ads!
Duplicatable Copy of an Audio Cassette Tape of this ORDER PULLING Sales Letter!
Become An Offshore Broker And Make More Money Than Most Dream Of Helping Others Find And Save Money! OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599 has a variety of money making opportunities and the "Offshore Broker" is just one of them!     

     DOES FOR ME & MY FAMILY!     

   As the person who introduced YOU to Report# 5599 I have the opportunity to make over-rides on every Report# 5599 you sell. You see, I'm not happy JUST making $50.00 on the report I sold you. I would like to retire in the near future, sit back and receive hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a week for my past efforts of selling Report# 5599. In Report# 5599 there are additional money-making opportunities by having people establishing what are called International Business Corporations, Asset Protection Trusts(among other Offshore Business Support Services) and I can receive commissions and over-rides having people buying these services whether I personally sell them myself or you sell them through the initial sale of Report# 5599. That's why I'm interested in YOUR success. 

I want you to become a MILLIONAIRE by selling thousands of reports.

Here are a few of the additional money making opportunities contained in Report# 5599 from which I can make over-rides by becoming an "Offshore Broker"...

=> 	First, I make $50.00 on Report# 5599(I initally sold to you) in addition...
=> 	I can make up to $100 helping people set up an offshore checking account!
=> 	I can make up to $240 for every international business corporation established!
=> 	I can make up to $1,000 for every trust set up - Domestic or offshore!
=> 	I can make up to $50 for every self-liquidating loan manual sold!
=> 	I can make up to $100 for every offshore print & mail order!
=> 	I can make up to $100 for every offshore visa card established!
=> 	I can make up to $100 for everyone who receives a $15,000 Unsecured Line of 
      credit through a Major Bank Credit Card!
=> 	If I feel really energetic I can set up and run a TRUST AGENCY in my area and
      have people sell TRUSTS for me (somewhat like an Insurance  Agency)!  The
      money-making potential is tremendous by hiring several people who work in my 

     I'm your sponsor and because of my efforts in selling YOU Report# 5599, I have the opportunity to make Lifetime Residuals from your efforts in selling Report# 5599 to others! I'm truly amazed at the marketing concept offered through OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599. The concept is so simple and it is COMPLETELY DUPLICATABLE! By making sure YOU MAKE thousands of dollars a week I'm going to get FILTHY STINKING RICH off your success!

     If it seems like I am BRAGGING and RUBBING it in about how I'm going to make bundles of money from your efforts it's TRUE!! You should be as EXCITED as I am because Report# 5599 allows YOU to DUPLICATE MY EFFORTS! When you sell a report to others you will then be in my position - to make ALL the over-rides and commissions I have just talked about - on those who then sell Report# 5599!
    The Following Questions & Answers are designed to answer most of the concerns you may have. This should give you enough information to determine if OFS's Offshore Special Report# 5599 is your tool for making thousands of dollars a week in a home based business...    

Q. Do I have to personally sell the report & the other offshore business support services to people who respond to my ads?

A. NO! This is really a two fold question. Let's talk about the selling of Report# 5599 first. All you have to do is place an ad, mail the postcards or send bulk email. If you place an ad send the respondent THIS SALES LETTER and let THIS SALES LETTER do the rest for you - no need to talk to anyone!! If you mail the postcards or use bulk emailing your job is done!

    The postcard will ask the respondent to send $50.00 to your mailing address. Email will work for you if you send it to as many people as you can. 

     If you decide to become an Offshore Broker and qualify to receive over-rides and commission on the Offshore Business Support Services the PARENT COMPANY will do the selling for you if you wish. This is a "NO BRAINER" and can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it... Talk to the people if you wish or don't - Report# 5599 sells itself!

Q. How many hours a week will I have to devote to my business?

A. One to sixty hours a week! Here's a question I will answer with a question...How much money do you want to make? Common sense says the more ads you run and the more mailings you do the more money you will make! The statistics show that for every 100 responses you receive from your ads, and you mail THIS SALES LETTER, you will sell five to ten reports making you $250.00 to $500.00 (US). Your ad responses will vary depending on the place you advertise and the circulation of the publication. The more ads you run or the more emails you send out the more time you will need to devote to your Home Based Business.

Q. Just how much money will I need to start my home based business?

A. $50.00! Yeah I know - You're thinking you will need money for ads and mailing. Well - I've had people start with $50.00 (U.S) and make ten copies of the report and sold them to their associates and friends giving them $500.00(US). That gave them enough money to start running ads and to buy stamps. In looking at all the money making opportunities offered in the world today I really don't think you can get started for any less than $50.00 and have a BETTER LEGITIMATE money-making opportunity than the one offered in Report# 5599!     

Q. If I have additional questions who will answer them for me?

A. I will or the parent company will! No package of information, no matter how complete, can possibly answer every question that may come up. I do not want you to lose money seeking out the answers. I want you to succeed! You will receive a phone number in Report# 5599 where you can either reach me or someone from the parent company for any question or help you need!
    Here's a valuable bonus for ordering within 5 days....Your's absolutely FREE!! 

     I have persuaded the parent company - Offshore Financial Services, Ltd. - to give you their OFS Offshore Business Journal - Volume I - FREE OF CHARGE - as a bonus for ordering Report# 5599 within 5 days of receiving this email. You will receive the Journal when you send in your "Certificate of Registration" found in the report. The information in this Journal is priceless and can NOT be found anywhere but RIGHT HERE!!

Here's a sample of that information:

   Bonus #1 OFS's Offshore Business Journal

>Your IRS returns are suppose to be private - Not so!
> Funds through on-line computer services!
> Raising capital without borrowing from the bank!
> How to get medicines before they're approved by the FDA!
> Airlines will handle your baggage with special care if you know the secret!
> You can borrow money from your IRA. Just don't call it a loan
> How to get free subscriptions to over 60 magazines!
> Establish AAA credit in 30 days!
> Why Americans are mad as hell!
> Sources for quick cash loans.

    Bonus #2 Report #5599 Support Package.

> How to reach over 73,000,000 people for as little as 7 cents per word!
> How to set up voice mail and never talk to anyone who responds to your ads.
> To use or not to use a mailing list?
> How to receive free names to mail to.
> How to mail your postcards & sales flyers "First Class" for a low as 12 cents each-
   includes printing! 
> How to collect $5 from people who want to receive this sales letter!

    Bonus #3 Bulk-Emailer's Dream Package.
         By ordering within the next 5 days, you will also receive a floppy disk 
     packed full of online marketing tips from two of the nation's top electronic
     marketers. I have previously offered this disk for $79.95, but by purchasing 
     Report #5599 through this special offer within the next 5 days, it will be 
     yours for FREE!! I will also include another floppy disk with over 150 Hot Money
     Making reports that you can sell together or individually!
         Bulk-email has been proven to be the most effective way to market on the
     internet. By ordering within the next 5 days; I will include a program that collects
     names from aol chat rooms at a maximum rate of over 10,000 per Hour!! You will
     receive high response rates marketing to these fresh names that you have
     collected yourself.  Now all you will need is a bulk-email program, you will 
     receive a link where you can download a free fully working demonstration bulk-
     email program that will allow you to begin earning profits the day you receive my
     package.  You will not need to be concerned with losing your ISP because I will
     show you exactly how to send hundreds of thousands of emails per day while
     cloaking your ISP's mail server and your identity at the same time!!
        STOP THE PRESSES!!, I'm not finished giving away Free Extras yet! I have
     just learned of a Brand New ISP that is offering FREE ACCESS!!! That's right
     TOTALLY FREE unlimited internet access!! If your Order is received via Fax 
     within the next 24HRS I will tell you how to sign up for this free service which 
      is a $240/yr value ORDER NOW!!
        With all that I will be providing you, your success is guaranteed. You will not
     receive this offer again; by ordering Report #5599 within the next 5 days all of the
     above information will be yours for a measly US$50.00. ORDER TODAY!!
        Why am I giving away so much for so little? Good question... It is my personal
     belief that any responsible hardworking person can achieve financial security
     given the proper opportunity and information.. The Rich have kept opportunities
     and information to themselves that would allow anyone of us to achieve 
     unparalleled success easily.  That is why I am giving away a solid product, plus 
     all the information needed to successfully sell that product, for only US$50.00 
     to anyone with enough interest and patience to read this letter.


OFS Independent Associate

                                        RISK FREE GUARANTEE

   If you are not completely satisfied after reading Report #5599 and its Support Package simply return them both within 120 Days for a full refund. No questions asked. You keep the floppy disks, Business Journal and Dream Package. You have NOTHING to risk and a FORTUNE to make. Here's your RISK FREE opportunity to change your financial situation forever!!


                                     Special Report #5599 Order Form

___ Please rush me a copy of OFS's Offshore Special Report# 5599 and all Bonuses. I understand I have Full Reprint Rights and can sell Report# 5599 for $50.00 (U.S.) Keeping ALL THE MONEY!

___ I have enclosed a CHECK /MONEY ORDER for $50.00

Please mail the report to (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)

Your Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________________________

State: ______ Zip: ________________

Phone: (___) ______-___________ Fax: (___) ______-___________

Email Address ___________________________

Mail This form & The check or money order for US$50.00 to the Address below:

Dynamic Communications
P.O. Box 373-356
Decatur, GA 30037-3356
Fax: (770) 234-4241
Phone: (404) 274-8669

Or, if you prefer, you may also pay by faxing your credit card information or copy of your check to the number above along with the information requested on the order form. 

Please Note: If ordering by credit card be sure to include card type, number and expiration date.  After dialing you will be prompted to press 2 for fax.

Sorry, Report #5599 is too big for us to email it to you, we will send it Priority Mail within 24 hrs of receipt of your order.