1998-08-21 - Pauline Hanson’s One Nation August update

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Subject: Pauline Hanson's One Nation August update
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Issue 2.1b, May 1998

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Dear One Nation supporter in NSW

As we approach the next Federal election we have started to gear up further
on-line services for supporters.

We would draw your attention firstly to the Federal Election web page at:


Secondly to the press release page where Pauline Hanson's press releases are
posted on the day that they are released. Here you can read the entire press
release content without media "cutting and pasting":


(Note press releases may be freely printed and photocopied without
restriction - as long as the content of the document is not altered.)

The latest press release is about Pauline Hanson's views on the GST:


Finally we would draw your attention to the new moderated discussion forum
where you can place posts, chat on-line with other One Nation members in
real time and interact with One Nation MPs. To participate follow the
instructions at:


If you are able to help One Nation at a polling booth or by distributing
brochures etc please contact your state contact whose details may be seen at:



Scott Balson
Pauline Hanson's Web Master