1998-08-05 - CTIA Daily News from WOW-COM - August 5, 1998

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From: CTIA Daily News <CTIA_Daily_News@um2.unitymail.com>
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CTIA Daily News from WOW-COM - August 5, 1998

Wireless Industry, Local Governments Announce Plan to Resolve Antenna Siting Disputes -- Three wireless industry trade associations, along with an advisory group representing local governments, have agreed to a speedy dispute-resolution process that, they hope, will resolve disagreements that arise when local governments impose moratoriums on construction of new antenna sites.

House Commerce Committee Approves Wireless 911 Legislation -- The purpose of the legislation approved by the Committee is "to encourage and facilitate the prompt deployment throughout the United States of a seamless, ubiquitous, and reliable end-to-end infrastructure for communications, including wireless communications, to meet the Nation's public safety and other communications needs."

Attorney General Asks Congress Not to Extend CALEA Compliance Date -- The U.S. Attorney General stated that moving the compliance date "two full years would permit substantially more telephone equipment to be designed and deployed without regard for the public safety concerns that CALEA was designed to protect." The industry argues that an extension is necessary.

Motorola Offers Investment Analysts Few Specifics on Future Performance -- In an August 4 meeting with financial analysts, Motorola executives offered few concrete numbers or projections, but said that the digital phone business was a huge priority.

Foes Hammer Universal Service E-Rate at Congressional Hearing -- Powerful members of Congress, long distance companies, consumer advocates, and even FCC commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth argue that the e-rate is an unfair tax that the FCC created without proper authority.

Powertel Surpasses 200,000 Wireless PCS Subscribers -- The new wireless carrier says its now has the largest contiguous digital wireless coverage area in the southeast.

Nextel Expected to Announce Rural Partnership Pact -- Nextel has said the partnership would cover about 15 percent of the U.S. population. It would also allow it to broaden its geographic coverage into rural areas faster than it would be able to do on its own.

WIRELESS SECURITY Workshop & Expo Focuses on New Threats to Wireless Systems -- The conference will focus on a broader range of wireless security issues, including network vulnerability, authentication deployment, subscription fraud and international roaming fraud.

First Wireless Phone with Color Screen Now Available from Omnipoint -- Omnipoint Communications now offers the Siemens S12 GSM handset, which, the company says, is the world's first wireless phone with a three-color (red, blue and green), five-line display.

China's Mobile Phone User Population Tops 18 Million -- It took a decade for mobile phone users to reach 18 million compared with 100 years for the country to have 10 million private telephones, the Xinhua news agency said.

COMSAT Corporation Sues Three Former Employees -- The lawsuit, against three former employees of COMSAT Mobile Communications, alleges the former employees misappropriated confidential, sensitive and proprietary business information, and purposefully and systematically destroyed computer files prior to resigning from COMSAT.