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From: bill payne <billp@nmol.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 12:05:15 +0800
To: kerrinp@iinet.net.au
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American forefathers drafted the Constitution and laws of our country
shortly after having suffered injustice.   Fresh in their minds were
strategies used by their oppressors.  Writers of the Constitution and
laws anticipated ways subvert our system.  Therefore, our forefathers
designed safeguards into our legal system to prevent future injustice.

But these safeguards DON'T appear to be working today.

Morales and Payne designed a strategy using the National Security Agency
[NSA], Sandia National Laboratories, the US Federal Court System, and
publication on Internet to illustrate how the US government system has

Arthur Morales WAS a supervisor at Sandia Labs in 1991.  Morales and
Manuel Garcia organized a class action lawsuit on behalf of minority and
women against Sandia.

Sandia settled Morales' and Garcia's lawsuit.  Department of Energy
acknowledged from Freedom of Information Act  [FOIA] requests that as
of  December 31, 1995 Morales cost Sandia $567,137 in legal fees.

Sandia retaliated against Morales.  Morales sued Sandia in New Mexico
District Court.  Morales lost

William Payne wrote a technical report describing 'deficiencies'  NSA's
cryptographic algorithms http://jya.com/da/whpda.htm.  Sandia
transferred Payne to break electronics locks for the Federal Bureau of
Invesitgation [FBI].  Payne refused to do illegal  work. 

Payne sued Sandia in Federal Court.  Payne lost and court records were

FBI agent Bernardo Perez  led a class action lawsuit against the FBI for
race discrimination against Hispanic
FBI agents.  http://www.usdoj.gov/osg/1995/w951482w.txt

Perez won.  Perez was assigned agent-in-charge of the FBI in Albuquerque
for settlement.  But Perez lost

Morales and Payne learned that the FBI extorted an inexpensive from
Perez by telling Perez that the FBI was
GUARANTEED to win on appeal in Federal Circuit.

With Perez' and others knowledge of circuit courts, Morales and Payne
appealed their respective cases pro se to the Tenth Circuit.  

In Payne's case Sandia failed to submit its Brief of the Appellees on
time.  Then falsified its certificate of service when Payne filed to

In Morales' case Sandia submitted a deficient Brief of the Appellees
which was returned, missed the filing
date, and failed to serve Morales with its late brief.

Payne and Morales both won at the Tenth Circuit.  But judges awarded the
wins to Sandia.

All attempts by Morales and Payne to get copies of the docket for their
respective Tenth Circuit cases failed.

Therefore, Morales and Payne hatched a plan to get the dockets and
expose government misconduct.  

Payne previously made FOIA requests to NSA for  copies of messages and
translations given to 
Iraq during the Iraq/Iran war, copies of Libyan messages intercepted by
NSA, and NSA cryptographic
algorithms Payne thought contained deficiencies.

Morales and Payne sued NSA pro se for the documents. Lawsuit progress
was broadcast on Internet through e-mail and


And Payne wrote

 Black and White Test of Cryptographic Algorithms

criticizing the US government's crypto contest.  http://zolatimes.com.

Morales and Payne FINALLY got copies of dockets from their respective
cases from the Tenth
Circuit using Internet as a an innovative tool. 

9/15/98 10:39 AM
John Young
J Orlin Grabbe

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Please e-mail any editing improvements to John Young.  

I will meet Morales for lunch.  Then phone John Young.

Thanks in advance.