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GCHQ On Escrow Sham

Re: [PGP-USERS] New International Version (fwd)

Denning paper on crypto, EU mandatory GAK

Re: [PGP-USERS] BestCryp NP

Re: Internet Free Europe

Liberal party: definitely no crypto ban in Germany

Militarily Critical Technologies

Re: Data Privacy Laws

Re: Data Privacy Laws

Crypto AG web site

DES challenge news (fwd)

FW: Anonymous Remailers

Anonymous Remailers


Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

Re: Regulating the Net

Recipient Anonymity

Party on IRC

anonymous mail


CDT’s Berman Opposes Online Anonymity

US DoC on anonymizer

Feasibility of censoring and jamming pronography and racism in informatics

Re: Remailer Attack

Attitude and Assumptions

Re: [SURVEY try again] pgp5.x / pgp2.x users

No Subject

Re: Building crypto archives worldwide to foil US-built Berlin Walls (fwd)