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trust your government

Here come the data fascists

Put me down as a loony

AT&T phone logs

Rising dishonesty level

Cryptography, fascism; Perot

Ames, Coke, & $$

How to control Internet? Buy it!

They can’t stop themselves

Jeff Davis/Eagle pokes his thumb in big bro’s eye

thorazine dose


some animals are more equal than others

Detweiler clone at WSJ


ID card from hell

SPA & FBI after Pornographic traitors

Neutron sources, alpha sources, pulling dragon’s tail

U & Pu “poisoning of the environment”

U & Pu is good for U

Secret evidence in judicial hearings

currency strips “salted” for neutron activation analysis?

Big Brother database

Rumored CBS “hit” on internet coming

Response to CBS News “drive-by” attack on the internet

Cone order?

More wiretaps?

Here’s what will happen to U.S. based remailers

Get ready to start breaking rocks for Herr Klinton