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Re: xor w/prbs

Re: gov. contracts for Clipper phones

Re: Relation between number theory and cryptography

RE: FAQ, round 2 (posting because of bounce)

Re: Programs that prove themselves.

Re: Wolf’s got a thing or two to say

Re: How long would it take?

Re: How long would it take?

Re: Chaos harnessed for encryption / Fluctuations and Or

Re: cypher breaking and genetic algorithms

Re: cypher breaking and genetic algorithms

Re: genetic algorithms for crypto analysis

Re: Who is David Sternlight?

Re: Total RSA in PGP

Re: no ftpd on ?

Re: ftp from soda

Re: Apple planning to use Clipper chip?

Re: Apple+Clipper

Re: Apple, privacy, and AOCE

What’s wrong with PEM?

Non-Cash Schemes – precedent?

Re: Who generates AOCE keys?

Re: Who generates AOCE keys?

blank lines v. the remailer


Re: Hole in MD5

Re: Hole in MD5 (Not)

RSA/MP/FFT speedups?

Re: Entropy, Randomness, etc.

Re: N-Gram

Re: Error-Qualifying Signatures

Re: Improved DH system.

Re: Error-Qualifying Signatures

Impuning my reputation by association

Benford: Why and Why Not (non-Math-heads: SNOOZE ALERT)

Re: Question for article

Re: Appropriate bit of poetry

Provability and Randomness

Re: Some stuff about Diffie-Hellman (and more :-)

Politics, Religion, MUDs, MOOs, the Internet, the Past, and the Future

Re: Why only public-key crypto?

Why the chip in my dog won’t work in humans.

How Many Games of Chess?

How Many Games of Chess: Exact answer given!

I need a book: Applied Combinatorics

Re: (n!+1)^(1/2)

Re: (n!+1)^(1/2) Oops! I’m wrong.

Re: Good PRNG (here’s where)

15 out of 16 times…

my remailer taking some (mild) heat [LONG]

Re: 15 out of 16 times (math, not laundry)

Re: 15 out of 16 times (math, not laundry)

Gambler’s Ruin, 15 out of 16, and a Probability Parable

Re: Byzantine Agreement Problem

I will be in Detroit/Cleveland/Akron area this weekend

Tamper-Proof Software? No!

Re: tamper-proof p-code

Non-determinism forever. (was – Re: GUT and P=NP)

catalyst remailer closed

No, each tape position cannot… (was Re: GUT and P=NP)

Brad Templeton, ClariNet, and remailers