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Re: NIST Draft Key Escrow Paper

Re: NIST Draft Key Escrow Paper

Re: NIST Draft Key Escrow Paper

National Journal article sez net-activism is just political hicks

CWD: “Jacking in from the “One that Got Away” Port

How to explain crypto?

Re: NSA/CIA to snoop INSIDE the U.S.???

Fight-Censorship Dispatch #14: CDA VICTORY!!!

Oil Change software snoops through hard drive

Re: Digital Cash application

Re: Digital Cash application

Re: Bruce Taylor at HotWired

Re: CIA Fears UmpTeen InfoNukes

Fight-Censorship Dispatch #15: Government Appeals CDA!

Re: Technology and Privacy

F-C Dispatch #16: DoJ files appeal, Supreme Court ho!

CWD – Jacking in from the “Keys to the Kingdom” Port

Re: CWD – Jacking in from the “Keys to the Kingdom” Port

Re: blocking software & brock meeks

NYT/CyberTimes on CWD article

HotWired – “A Browne Study”


Washington Post – “Block but Verify”

Re: Surf-filter lists

Re: How I Would Ban Strong Crypto in the U.S.

Russian foreign intelligence CD-ROM

Zimmermann’s open letter and Congressional crypto-musing

Re: Surf-filter lists

Singapore officials censor U.S. newgroup posting

Canada investigating Net-regulations – call CBC-Radio now!

Cyber Rights Non! – French Net-Censorship

Princeton University muzzles students

Fireworks expected, missed at Senate crypto hearing

Re: Feinstein wants controls on Internet, Books

Nat’l Law Journal and The Independent on CWD and net-filters

“Plague of Freedom” on G-7 from Internet Underground

Stop the presses – Anti-terrorism bill not that bad

Waiting Game on wiretapping and crypto, from HotWired

G7 Threat Alert from international Net-coalition (8/7/96)

HRW letter to Singapore government; German telecom URL

Republican and Democratic party platforms on technology

Re: Republican and Democratic party platforms on technology

“Freedom on Trial,” from October 1996 Playboy

Flux in today’s HotWired/Packet

Save the Howitzers (was Re: The Esther Dyson Flap)

Workers of the Web, UNITE!

Internet blamed in shoe-cam crimes, assailant free on $750 bail

Global Alert – Hysteria in the U.K. threatens Net

Muckraker column

DC lock and key, from HotWired

CATO terrorism conference – tomorrow @ 8:30 am, free

Re: China joins Singapore, Germany, ….

Crypto-plutocracy: Cypherpunks mentioned on cover of Oct Wired

The definition of child pornography – no help here

Fear of Flying – from HotWired

Re: IBM_gak

Re: 56 kbps modems

Not content with the CDA, Sen. Exon derails Pro-CODE

Brock Meeks on NSA domestic codebreaking, from Muckraker

Re: NSA Report: Anyone seen this?